Did you know about Singles Day? As I was casually scrolling through my Twitter timeline today and one of South Africa’s biggest online retailer was trending due to their Singles Day sale, and this piqued my interest.

What Is Singles Day? 

Singles Day is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. A Bizcomunity article states that Singles Day dates back to 2009 and got popularized by the Chinese retailer Alibaba.

Why do we celebrate Singles Day? 

The day aims to remove the stigma from being single and celebrate being single as a viable relationship status. The day, true to its name, encourages single people to celebrate their independence and also spoil themselves with massive discounts available from participating stores.  

When is Singles Day? 

Singles Day is held annually on the 11th of November.

Do South Africans celebrate Singles Day? 

South African retailers like SuperbalistOne Day Only, selected TFG stores and Cape Union Mart Group all are participating with massive discounts and sales to celebrate the day.

Singles Day presents an opportunity for businesses to make more sales and if you haven’t added a Singles Day campaign to your marketing strategy, then its time to consider adding it for the next year.

Here’s how to increase sales during Singles Day? 

Create a compelling email campaign: 

Let your customers know about your Singles Day deals and don’t forget to create a sense of urgency. Achieve more sales by having multiple time-sensitive deals and emphasize the time-sensitivity. You can also offer free shipping or a free gift if a customer spends more than a specified amount of money – get creative and entice the customer to buy more.  

Increase social media engagement: 

Your social media campaign needs to resonate with customers. Emphasize the most crucial aspect of Singles Day: self-love.

Launch new products: 

Singles Day is a good opportunity for new product launches. Create hype around a product by selling it from a self-love and appreciation stand-point. 

Have a competition: 

Competitions are great for driving social media engagement, and to reward the customer for their continued support. Consider running a one-day social media competition for Singles Day.

Big shopping days like Black Friday and Singles Day are a great way to increase sales and get new customers. Remember to plan and ensure that your store has the inventory and technical capacity for big shopping days.