You don’t need a Valentine in 2022, ‘put the coffee first’, not only does it taste good, it’s cheaper than having a Valentine and might release the same amount of dopamine while saving you a pretty penny to invest elsewhere. But, where? Where should you invest your money if you’re not going to have a Valentine in 2022? First things first, you need to shift your focus to avoid being influenced by the hype created across the internet and direct your attention elsewhere – Valentine’s Day searches are up on Google Trends and social media will be buzzing come VDAY.

Valentines Day keyword trending on Google Trends

Valentines Day keyword trending on Google Trends

1. Direct your focus elsewhere

Try falling in love with something else, it might be an entirely new ‘battlefield’ you’re entering but the outcome will always be worth your time when you’re doing what you love while earning money.

2. Fall In love with your business

Whether you own it or not, an online audience can spot a half-heart job from a mile away. It’s simple, put in the effort and make things POP! Your business, website or work project will stand proud and loud if you incorporate compelling content, offers or promotions into your marketing strategy.

Here’s an idea: Switch things up on your website for Valentine’s Day


valentines day website before

Website customized using 1-grid’s Website Builder


Website customized to incorporate Valentine's Day theme using 1-grid's Website Builder

Website customized to incorporate Valentine’s Day theme using 1-grid’s Website Builder

3. Love consistently

Don’t ‘show up’ like Valentine’s Day once a year to express your love. Your journey in business will require your love all the time and force you to differentiate your marketing strategies to keep customers coming back, most importantly, to keep the love ‘lit’ (Remember, when you fall out of love, it shows).

Here’s an idea: Try something new with your website address

If you’re going to splash your site with pink for Valentine’s Day, why not incorporate a quirky TLD?

These TLDS are available for domain registration:

  • .SEXY
  • .GURU

‘skincare.single’ might not be the ideal fit, there are many other TLDs you can explore to get attention on your site.

If you’re going to scratch Valentine’s Day this year to save money, it’s important to hustle with the right tools. Tech entrepreneur, Reece Meyer, breaks down 3 essential tools to take your business to the next level: