The weather forecast for some parts of the country does not look good; the South African Weather Service warns that a major cold front is approaching South Africa from Thursday the 9th of July. The cold front is said to bring heavy rain and cold temperatures in the Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Southern parts of the Free State.

We can expect snow over the high lying regions of the Western Cape, and the Northern Cape’s southern interior. The cold front will move over to Gauteng on Saturday.

It’s safer to stay at home. South African weather services issued a list of the expected impact that the cold front will have:

Here are a few tips to prep for a cold front of this magnitude:

  • Drain residual water from outdoor faucets and sprinklers to prevent the water from freezing and the pipes cracking
  • Check that your heating system is working
  • Make sure you have stocked up on essentials 
  • Stay warm

It’s also important to spare a thought for those who are less fortunate. Recognize that being able to be comfortable and cosy in winter is a privilege that not everyone has. Donate and lend a helping hand to homeless shelters, soup kitchens or orphanages whenever you can.