September 24th 2020 is National Heritage Day in South Africa, and that means its a public holiday for the majority of the workforce. Other than Heritage Day being a welcomed break from your weekly work routine, it’s also an important reminder of how culturally rich our country is. South Africa is a melting pot of cultural diversity and the month of September (Heritage Month) serves to remind us to celebrate our differences as well as the things that bring us together as South Africans. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is at alert level 1, which means we have a bit more leeway to move around, see our families and celebrate. Here are ways that you can celebrate Heritage Day 2020: 

Visit National Monuments 

If you can visit national monuments on Heritage Day, then do it. Most of these monuments, galleries and museums will have free entry on Heritage Day. Not only is it a wholesome outing, but it’s a great way to teach children about history and cultural diversity. 

Learn About An Indigenous South African Culture 

No matter what your age, there’s always something new to learn. Take this time to learn about a South African culture or language that you may not be familiar with. You can watch a documentary or talk to your neighbour or friend and learn something new about their culture.


Support A Local Business 

Supporting local businesses should be the norm. Local businesses are the backbone of the economy, and it’s our civil duty to buy local as much as we can. Visit a local market or business district on Heritage Day and if you happen to buy something, share it on your social media to show support. 

Listen to South African Music 

Streaming local music is part of supporting the arts and if you plan on spending your day listening to music, stream local artists on your favourite streaming platform. 


Enjoy a traditional South African braai (and a beer) on Heritage Day. If you can’t braai, then consider supporting a local shisa nyama instead of cooking or ordering from a food delivery app.  

However, you choose to celebrate Heritage Day 2020, remember that we may have different cultures, but the overarching culture that unites us, is being South African. We are stronger together and should not allow differences to separate us. Celebrate our rich cultural heritage by being inclusive in the way you do business and live your life. Happy Heritage Day!