Yes, it’s almost Father’s Day and in the thick of a global pandemic, making those closest to you feel appreciated is that much more important. Father’s Day 2020 in South Africa falls under level 3 lockdown (as far as we know), this means that the restrictions are somewhat less intense, and you can buy your dad gifts online with ease. 

When is Father’s Day 2020? 

Father’s Day this year is celebrated on the 21st of June. 

How is Father’s Day determined? 

Father’s Day is calculated to fall on the third Sunday of June annually. 

Here’s your lockdown Father’s Day gift guide: 

Dads are unique and enjoy different things, so we’ve arranged the gifts according to your dad’s interests. The categories aren’t rigid, of course, you know what dad likes best; this is just a general guideline:

Tech and gadget guy

For the dads who love having the latest tech gadgets; who are technologically inclined and enjoy having new ‘toys’ to play with. Why not get your dad the PS4 Controller or the Go Pro Action Camera? How about a Fitbit activity tracker for his morning jogs? The tech and gadgets you can get for your dad are limitless.

Here’s a bucket full of tech and gadgets for your dad that you can buy online and get delivered to their door by the 21st of June:

The culinary king 

For the dads who can throw down in the kitchen, South Africa’s premier online kitchen and home store, Yuppiechef, has all the prep tools and cookware for your dad to up his game. Browse the website for a wide selection that suits different price points and preferences. Plus, they deliver throughout South Africa.

Another great gift idea for the dad that enjoys cooking is a Ucook subscription. The service delivers the freshest, ethically sourced ingredients with accompanying recipe for you to prepare, to your door. It’s a great way to discover new recipes and enjoy restaurant-quality meals without having to leave your home. 

The entrepreneur

If your dad is the ideas guy with all entrepreneurial aspirations, or already has a business, you can help take his business to the next level. Get your dad the gift of realizing his dreams with domain registration, web hosting and company registration packages from 1-grid.

Speak to your dad and find out how you can help his business perform better and make more money, whether it be through improving social media, getting professional web design services or getting web security. 

Give us a call and find out how you can help your dad’s business thrive. 

The guy’s guy 

This is for the dad who enjoys a glass of whisky on the rocks while hovering over the braai stand, the guy who is always there with helpful advice, the handyman and the dad whose presence is like a warm hug – give that man a Bells. 

Send your dad a biltong hamper and his favourite bottle of whiskey. Remember when you order your dad a bottle that alcohol sales are only permitted from Monday to Thursday. 

We hope you got some gift inspiration for this Father’s Day, but remember that during these times, all your loved one’s need is to know that you love them; the gifts are just the cherry on top. Whether it be a video call or a cup of coffee made with love, dad will appreciate the effort.