Latest load shedding update:

Eskom has started load shedding again. It started 12:00pm Thursday, 14 January 2021 and will roll out until Sunday, 17 January 2021.

Is there load shedding in Cape Town today?

Yes, as previously mentioned above, Eskom will implement load shedding this weekend.

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Update (14:00 July 15th) 

Due to lack of capacity, Stage 1 load shedding will change to Stage 2.

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Some Eskom Generation Units Return To Service 

Eskom implemented stage 1 of load shedding today, July 15th from 10:00 am, and it will run to 22:00 this evening. The power utility managed to return generation units at Medupi and Majuba each; and that significantly reduced the strain on the generation system.

The improvement has taken load shedding stage down from stage 2 to stage 1.

There have, however, been delays in getting the generation units at Tutuka and Kendal power stations to return to service; dedicated teams are working around the clock to ensure that these generation units return as soon as possible.

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Eskom reintroduced load shedding on Friday the 10th of July for the first time since the start of the national lockdown on the 26th of March. The national power utility stated that breakdowns at its Kriel and Medupi stations made it harder to avoid load shedding.

While Koeberg unit 2 has been successfully synchronized; plus a unit each at Majuba and Lethabo stations have returned to service, these are not enough to suspend load shedding.

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South African power utility, better known as Eskom, issued a warning of potential load shedding on Thursday, July 9th. This possible load shedding would be the first bout of national load shedding by the power utility in over four months; throughout the national COVID-19 lockdown, there have been localized power cuts called load reduction. Load reduction is a happier medium and only affects certain areas.

Eskom was able to dodge load shedding on Thursday lucky for us but, the worst is not over as the power utility warns that there is an increased risk of load shedding this Friday afternoon due to the breakdown of a few generation units. Power outages are not ideal right now due to the cold front in certain parts of the country – people need electricity to stay warm. Eskom will keep the country updated on its official Twitter account

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We all have a part to play in reducing the risk of load shedding and here are a few tips you can implement in your home right now to help you save electricity:

  1. Take shorter showers
  2. Use natural lighting whenever possible
  3. Turn off unnecessary lights
  4. Turn the water off when brushing teeth, washing hands or shaving
  5. Avoid using desktop computers
  6. Wash full loads of laundry
  7. Hang dry your laundry
  8. Turn off your geyser during set times of the day
  9. Switch off plug points that you are not using
  10. Try using non-electrical ways to keep yourself warm; a blanket and hot cup of your favourite beverage


Load shedding stage 2 is in effect from 12:00 pm Friday the 10th of July: