For many South Africans, September 1st ushers in a new season and is a time to celebrate new beginnings. Although September 1st is not the official start of Spring – the Spring Equinox is on Tuesday, September 22nd – but September 1st is symbolic for the beginning of warmer months in South Africa. In true 2020 fashion, there’s a bit of a damper to Spring Day this year; Eskom announced that loadshedding will start from 12:00 am until 22:00 pm on September 1st.

In a statement released on the national power utility’s Twitter account, stage 2 will come into effect today, September 1st, due to 10 generation units suffering breakdowns in the last 48 hours. The break down of these generation units coupled with the need to preserve energy has led to the reinstatement of loadshedding.

Read Eskom’s statement below:

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