October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s the month to raise awareness about breast cancer worldwide. According to CANSA.org, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women of all races. The risk of getting breast cancer increases with age, and although ALL women are at risk, the ones that should be extra vigilant are those with a family history of breast cancer. CANSA also mentions that lifestyle choices like being inactive, consuming alcohol, poor dietary habits, smoking and exposure to chemicals also increase the risk of cancer.

Early detection and self-diagnosis are crucial in fighting breast cancer and saving lives. People with breasts should conduct regular self-examinations, and those who are at higher risk should go for frequent mammograms as advised by a healthcare professional. Breast cancer month aims to educate, shine a spotlight on and support early detection as well as treatment.

How can you get involved? 

There are numerous ways to lend your voice in breast cancer awareness. Here are a few ways to make a difference:

  • Sign petitions for breast cancer research
  • Research organisations that help breast cancer survivors instead of blindly buying breast cancer themed items, and the money doesn’t go where it’s supposed to go
  • Donate to a breast cancer organisation
  • Volunteer at breast cancer charities in South Africa
  • Talk about breast cancer, breast examinations and family health history to your friends or social media

Non-profit organisations like the PinkDrive do the legwork with not only driving awareness but by also providing services like:

  • Clinical breast exams;
  • Mammograms;
  • Pap Smears and
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen Test.

Lend a helping hand in any capacity; from donating to swiping your Woolies MySchool MyVillage card, and even purchasing the pink ribbons or hoodies and other merchandise available on their website. The proceeds all go to breast cancer.

The 1-grid team did their bit by purchasing pink ribbons from the PinkDrive. All the proceeds go to PinkDrive’s health and educational services.