The most successful small businesses that you could start in 2022, are the ones that usually begin in an unconventional space. They start in garages, or a friend’s room or in the kitchen – the business ideas that start with an attitude of doing the most you can with what you have, have the potential to be extremely profitable in the future. Many contributing factors play on the profitability of your small business such as the reason for you starting a small business. Do-some deep diving and ask yourself the un-easy questions. Are you looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme idea? Would you like to generate a more passive-aggressive income like Sam Dogen? Make your own decisions? and steer your small businesses ship to success?

Be realistic about your goals, your current skill set and the time frame you set for your small business to see rewarding profits.

A successful start-up begins with an idea, stuck with ideas at the moment? Here are five small business ideas for you to start before the end of 2019:


#Business Idea 1: Start a digital marketing agency

These days you don’t need a degree or a large sum of capital to start a digital marketing agency. You need time, perseverance, experience, and The World Wide Web. If you are passionate about the online space but don’t know where to start – start with Google’s fundamentals of digital marketing. This course includes 26 modules and requires 40 hours of your dedicated time at the cost of nothing. It can be a simple process. Work on getting your Google certification, register your business, market your expertise on free social media platforms or get a team of experts to do it for you.

Attract small clients, gain the experience and work hard toward building a sound foundation for your small business.


#Business idea 2: Confectionary delivering services

The price of food is 29% more expensive on the UberEATS and the Mr. D app according to Business Insider. Fast food franchises charge a premium for ordering food via these mobile applications – knowing customers will pay for convenience. These big industry competitors target the higher LSM group consumer market in South Africa, leaving a favorable untapped market for any small business owner to occupy.  Your start-up costs could be extremely low in this case.

30% of South Africans are currently on Facebook. Your small business has the potential to operate in a Facebook group. Start by creating a name for your small business and marketing your service by inviting close friends and acquaintances into the group. Set a delivery fee, put a markup price on the goods you are willing to deliver, and identify where your consumer’s demand is. If the UberEATS and the Mr. D. app have limited restaurants that only offer food and groceries as a product, could you diversify this service by delivering confectionery goods from your local SPAR?


#Business idea 3: Laundry service

Operating a laundry business from home has never been easier. Your start-up costs would most likely include a utility water and electricity bill, a washing machine, an iron, a laundry hanging scale, black blags, an invoice book, and a black pen. Charge a set fee based on the kilograms of your prospective customers’ clothes. Deliver a professional service and integrate a word-of-mouth marketing strategy. According to Ramona Sukhraj, word-of-mouth marketing “is a powerful asset in our line of work. It not only piques people’s interests but as the name implies, it gets people talking.”


Business idea 4: Tour guide

Tourists would search for something like ‘good restaurants near me, eliminate Google as a medium and become the medium. Why not spend your summer – making money, meeting international tourists, and starting a small business targeting the traveling and tourism industry? According to Budget Insurance, “All you need to start a travel business is an out-of-the-box idea that hasn’t been explored before. Itineraries, flights, and accommodation can all be done by travelers from their laptops.”. An out-of-the-box idea would mean sharing your secret hide-outs, and favorite food spots and being the best South African tour guide. 


Business idea 5: Meditation as a service

Google trends display’s over 500 searches for ‘How to mediate’ in South Africa this month. According to Gaim, “Mindfulness meditation encourages the practitioner to observe wandering thoughts as they drift through the mind.”, the ‘practitioner’ would not be able to achieve a state of tranquillity if they are 1. Watching tutorials on YouTube or 2. Having to skip YouTube’s marketing ads every 10 seconds. Get on the mediation train and open up a practice in the comfort of your own home, prospective customers would enjoy a more personalized meditational experience offered at a reasonable price. If you are looking to speed up the process for your small business idea. Get it found, create a website and get it online.