With the COVID-10 pandemic an ongoing feat in our lives, social distancing prevents us from our traditional 67 minutes for Mandela Day on 18 July. But despite these bumps in the road, businesses can still commemorate Madiba’s birthday and give back without physical contact with others.

If you are keen to get involved, whether it’s your first as a business or not, here are a few ideas for Mandela Day to help you get involved while respecting the lockdown rules.


Don’t throw away, donate

From old technology, to excess stationary, if there are things lying around your office or home workspace that aren’t being used it’s the perfect opportunity to give them to a person or organisation who desperately needs or could make use of the items.

It saves you from disposing of items that are cumbersome to get rid of or recycle, plus it helps you free up space in your working zone.


Choose contactless delivery

While personal delivery of donated items or products is always best, the less people involved the better during lockdown. Whether you’ve donated appliances and furniture or you’re purchasing brand new products that a charity is in need of, delivery is accessible and readily available.

While it’s a nice idea to hand items over yourself, delivery is the safest option during these times. Luckily you have technology on your side and you can send a message via email to ensure the products arrived safely.


Fund an NGO or startup

If you have the means to do so, paying it forward and helping out a startup or non-profit organisation financially could make the world of difference during this tough economic climate. Getting finance for a non-registered business is a challenge, and any contribution you could make will make a positive impact on a small business, its employees and community.


Offer a service

If you aren’t able to donate, purchase items or contribute funds, offering a service at a reduced rate or even pro bono to help another small business, NGO or fellow entrepreneur could make the world of difference. Whether you’re a marketing agency and you help a charity create a website, or you’re an accountant and can help set up a business’s accounting software on the cloud, the smallest act can make the biggest difference.

While COVID-19 has presented us many obstacles, your business can still commemorate and make the most of your 67 minutes for Mandela Day in 2021.