Did you know, that when you register a domain name, your personal details are submitted as a requirement to the WHOIS database, which is searchable, by anyone. Your name, email and address could be online for all to see! This can lead to people mining the data and selling it to advertising agencies and marketing firms.

You can hide this information

Fortunately with ID Protect (from just R99/year)  you can now easily mask your details and improve your website security by simply enabling it on your domain.

How to enable ID Protect

If your domain registration is with 1-grid:

Congratulations – this will be so easy!

– Visit “My Domains” in your Customer Zone.
– Click on the green “Active” button next to the domain you wish to enable ID Protection on<
– Click the “addons” menu item in the left menu
– Select the red “Buy Now” button
– Complete your order


If your domain registration is not with 1-grid:

Congratulations – this is also pretty easy – just transfer your domain registration to us first.

– Visit our Domain Transfer page
– Enter the domain you wish to transfer and click the “Transfer” button
– Ensure “ID Protection” is selected for “ticked”
– Enter any DNS records you wish to update
– Click the red “Update Cart” and continue with your order

Within 24 hours (sometimes up to 48 if you need to transfer your domain) your privacy online will be enhanced and your identity will be protected.

Have a look at your own WhoIs Information:

What is a WhoIs search? A WhoIs search will give you access to information on your domain name. You can find out who the domain might belong to (if the information is not hidden), where and when it was registered, its expiry date and the nameservers assigned to it.

  • If you have a domain extension of .co.za, .net.za, .web.za, .org.za, .africa, .capetown, .joburg or .durban then enter your domain name into our WhoIs domain search to see if your name and email address are visible.
  • If your domain extension is none of the above, visit the who. is website to find out if your personal information is visible or not.