Website security is an essential component to secure and protect websites and servers. Today, there are many reasons why you need to protect your website. Hackers and compromising software can attack your website at any moment to steal your data or misuse your site or server. If you have an e-commerce website, then you would most likely already have faced a hacking attempt.

Malware programs are developed, improved and changed, every day, while human hackers get smarter, using more advanced resources than ever. This means that you need a sophisticated security solution that can outsmart these threats.

What is malware? 

Malware is short for ‘malicious software’. It is software that is designed with the aim to damage, disrupt or get authorised access to a computer system.

Can any website get attacked by malware? 

Malware is not biased. Security attacks are normally automated and all websites are open to an attack. Sometimes, there is no specific target on the websites. Despite these attacks occuring without our knowledge, malware removal is a reliable option for getting on top of the issue.

What can be done to protect our website?

Having an effective website security tool can improve website reputation and customer trust. This ensures that the website is always malware-proof and that customers’ data is protected.

A complete, trusted website security solution offers website owners early detection, immediate remediation and powerful preventive measures for their sites.

How to get protection with Comodo cWatch

In a nutshell, Comodo cWatch offers an SSL certificate that protects for your website against the increasing sophistication of hacker threats and malware. With this security tool, websites are carefully scanned for any possible vulnerabilities through effective website security software. This software can scan for backdoor hacks, general hacks, spyware, Trojans, and many other threats.

cWatch uses Web Application Firewall (WAF) to check and verify all the incoming data and assures to obstructs malicious code even before it tries to infect the website.

cWatch lets the user know if the website has an issue and provides proactive solutions to fix them.

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Get website security for your website 

Invest in effective, always-on cybersecurity and ongoing protection to protect your website and stop malware from coming back.