Technology is ever-evolving. Just when you think you have the latest phone or laptop, a newer one appears on the market. A little over 25 years ago, we didn’t know much about the internet, email was non-existent and a computer was a rare sight in South Africa. Today, however, terms like “cloud computing”, “growth hacking” and “data mining” are part of our everyday vocabulary.

Over the last couple of years, technology has boomed, and it’s benefiting businesses in many ways. Here are some of the tools that businesses can’t do without:

Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions have made it so easy to to do business on-the-go. Gone are the days of spending an entire day in the office! Now you can get more out of your day with the right applications – and there are so many to choose from. You can create a website, read your emails, connect with potential clients and so much more – from almost anywhere.

Cloud services

With cloud computing, businesses are now able to move some of their operations to third-party servers. This means no downtime, work is always available and you can share documents with the click of a button.


Thanks to technology, we are now more connected than ever! These days there are so many ways to connect; from social media and email to chat platforms and call apps. Being connected means that you have a bigger audience and can network hassle-free.

Website Security

Technology protects your business from cyber attacks, hackers and viruses. Simply download and install a security programme, such as an SSL certificate, and you are good to go – 24/7 protection, 365 days a year!

Social impact

Technology has made it extremely easy to reach new customers. With the internet and its many social media platforms, reaching out and finding new customers is effortless.

No downtime

Need to close your physical store’s doors? No problem! Your online business can stay open – even when you are not available!

With web hosting and other technological systems, the daily operations of businesses are more productive and efficient. Use it to your advantage and get your business running like a finely tuned machine!

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