12 June 2020:  Wordfence plugin is causing site problemsA few WordPress community members have highlighted issues around the plugin causing their website to crash and are receiving the following error “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error) when trying to reactivate Wordfence”. Some have found they could fix the Wordfence error by uninstalling and reinstalling it on their website or removing it altogether.  If this suggestion does not fix your Wordfence error, WordPress plugin support recommends sharing your system/server information in WordPress > Health Check.

The WordPress core team released version 5.4.2 yesterday, containing patches for some cross-site scripting vulnerabilities amongst other fixes. Our Threat Intelligence team takes a look at the vulnerabilities fixed in this release of WordPress core. https://t.co/GmPeTkO1Bt

— Wordfence (@wordfence) June 11, 2020

Wordfence Plugin

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Wordfence Plugin

After you’ve put in the work, pressed your content into your website and made it live for the rest of the world to see – the attention you get online, will draw people from all walks of life. WordPress Vulnerabilities exist. The good will come with the bad and it’s important to acknowledge this and put up a fence to guard your work. The Wordfence plugin was created to protect WordPress websites from security breaches like hacking, malware threats or DDOS attacks – if you have this installed, keep your eye on the support forum in WordPress.org to get daily updates.

Here are a few basics points to familiarise yourself with before making the decision to plugin: 

1. Is Wordfence free?

Yes. The security tool offers a free and paid plan.

2. How much does Wordfence cost?

No. Licenses Discount %Price Per License (USD)Price Per License

Prices range from $99.00 to $74.25 depending on the number of licences you want.

3. Is Wordfence any good?

The plugin works for anyone looking to tick the basic website security requirements. It will enable your firewall, login security, life traffic view and run regular scans on your site.

4. Why is Wordfence blocking?

You entered your password or username incorrect too many times. This is one of the Brute force rules in Wordfence.

5. How do I get rid of Wordfence?

There are three options for removal:

  1. Delete Wordfence data on deactivation
  2. Use the Wordfence Assistant plugin
  3. Manually remove the Wordfence plugin

6. What is the best security plugin for WordPress?

Choose from three security plugins

  1. All in One WP Security & Firewall – Offers user account, login and registration security
  2. Wordfence Plugin – Includes endpoint firewall, malware scanner and two-factor authenticaton
  3. cWatch Malware Removal – Web malware detection by cWatch will identify and kill malware that has infected websites followed by remediation services

If you’re looking for something less complex and easy-to-understand website try your hand at 1-grid’s Website Builder.