WordPress is widely regarded as the website design and development platform of choice. There are however some guidelines you need to follow to build a really good website on this platform. Let’s look at what you may need to consider to get the most out of it.

Get reliable hosting

This is the physical infrastructure that will provide a home for your website files and database. You need to be certain that your web hosting provider can offer the appropriate support for your WordPress website. You should be able to install and setup WordPress from your hosting company’s control panel almost instantly. Also, watch that website speed! WordPress is quick and will load your pages fast. If not, you’re doing something wrong.

Run the latest, stable release

WordPress regularly makes updates to their product. The updates fix bugs from previous releases, patch security vulnerabilities and ensure that your website’s framework is in good working order. You will get notified about the latest releases, make sure that you log into your dashboard to keep up to date.

Update your WordPress themes and plugins

As with your installation, your WordPress themes and plugins will also be updated by the respective providers regularly (at least the good ones). Make sure that you update these accordingly. If your theme has not had an update in the last few months, you should be worried and probably find a new one. The same applies to your plugins.

Ensure that your site is mobile friendly

Mobile is now the way of the web. Google prefers a mobile-friendly design and so do your website visitors. SEO company MOZ has a good explanation of mobile-first indexing. You have no choice but to be mobile-friendly.

Get basic cybersecurity with an SSL certificate

This is what creates the green lock in the address bar. An SSL certificate proves that the website being viewed is safe to use and that the data it receives is encrypted. Stay away from free SSL solutions, spammers and hackers use those to carry out their exploits. With an SSL certificate your website will be served over https:// which is a Google requirement.