How often do you search for a restaurant, hotel or local business online? Often? According to Smart Insights, a whopping 4.4. billion searches are made on Google every day – and this number is growing every year!

With more and more people looking for service providers, products and information online, it is important to have an online presence, and having a website for your business or organisation is no longer optional. Before you can have a website, though, you need to have a few things in place. 

First things first: you need web hosting

You can’t have a website live on the Internet without web hosting. If you want to build a website for your business, you need to invest in a solid host. There’s just no way around it!

So, what is web hosting?

Web hosting can be explained as the empty space where you store all of your things online – much like a vacant house. Except, instead of storing household goods, you are storing all of the files necessary for your website to function. The web host you choose to use can be seen as the company that sells server space for you to rent out (like us!). So, if you want to have a website that you can call your own, you need to invest in hosting.

Remember, you also need a domain!

In order for your website to actually be online, you also need to secure a domain name. Think of your domain name as the address for your new online home. It would be very hard to find your house without an address people could search for!

Opt for an all-in-one solution

At 1-grid we make it easy for you to take your business online. We offer everything you need to get started and we will guide you from buying your first domain to getting your website live! Ready to take the first step? View our safe, secure and affordable web hosting in South Africa now.

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