Your hosting space is your website’s home. A website consists of files in folders and in most cases a database. This space needs to be compatible with the tools you will use to create your website. Most hosting plans also offer free email hosting. What do you need to look out for?

Storage Space

Your files and database will take up space on the hosting server. You need to ensure that you have a hosting plan that offers enough space to host these files. Photos, videos and other files will all use the physical storage space on the hosting server. Think of it in the same way when you store files on your laptop or mobile phone. Very often this storage space is also used to store your email. Remember your website will grow, you will add files as you progress, and you will receive email all the time.

Domain Name Registration

Be it or .com, you will need a domain name. This is your unique identifier on the web. Choose a name carefully. Go with something that’s easy to remember and that relates to your business. Keep it short and unique. A common practice is to have more than one domain name, you can point all your domains to one single website. Your hosting provider should be able to assist with this.

Website Security

It is now a Google requirement to have your website encrypted with an SSL certificate. This will allow the public to browse your website safely. Notice the green padlock in the address bar of this site? An SSL certificate achieves that. The encryption also ensures that you get listed on the Google search results. The web hosting service supplier must assist with this setup.

Email Hosting Services

You no longer need to do business with a address. Be professional and get a personalised email address. As mentioned earlier your hosting plan usually comes with email hosting, use it. These email accounts can be added to your laptop or mobile device.

Technical Support

You don’t have all the tech know-how. We get that. Before you decided on a hosting service provider, determine what their technical support is like. The good providers are available via email, phone, LiveChat, and have useful articles in their knowledge base to guide you.

These are but a few considerations. Go with a company who has a good reputation.