This post literally takes me to the very start of my time in the web hosting game. I had stumbled across web hosting as a service and saw an opportunity to resell it. Every single website requires web hosting and very few business owners have heard about it. My angle was to approach businesses with a non-technical explanation of this essential business tool. Reselling web hosting is an exciting way to generate income. You can bolt it on to your current service offering or sell it as a standalone service. The concept is quite simple. You purchase a big web hosting package, slice it up into smaller plans and resell the plans to your own customers. Web hosting reseller services are a great way for web designers, IT support gurus, computer shops and online marketers to generate additional income. If you know the basics of the Internet, you could learn how web hosting works.


What can you offer your customers?

Website space

Every website needs server space. Hosting packages are normally primarily classified and sold by their disk space limits. A small startup business might only require 10GB of space. A web hosting package usually allows for email accounts to be hosted as well. The disk space allocation must cater for the website and email storage.


Email for their business

You can offer a professional email solution for small businesses as well. It’s not acceptable for a business of any size to operate with a free Gmail account. When you purchase your reseller web hosting plan you will have the ability to allow for a certain amount of email accounts to be hosted on each the plans you create. This is another sales angle you could use.


Manage domain names

When signing up for your reseller service you will have access to a customer account that allows for domain names to be purchased and transferred from one single customer dashboard. You can buy and sell domain name registrations as part of your reseller service.


WordPress service

Most websites are created with WordPress. If you can master the basics of a WordPress installation and do some regular maintenance tasks you can offer this as a service as well.


Is running a web hosting reseller business profitable

As with most business models, this service does well with big volumes. It sells great as a subscription service and can be very low maintenance.  Add it to your current pool of business ideas for 2020, I’m sure you can extend the offering in a very unique way.


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