The internet makes many things possible such as the ability to market your product or services to everyone across the globe. All you need is a website hosted on a server that runs 24/7. Does it really matter where your hosting provider is located? Yes and no. No, because the massive reach of the Internet makes it possible for you to have a local business and host your website on a different continent. Why should you consider local hosting then? 

Here’s a quick hosting provider checklist

  1. The closer the hosting server is to your primary audience the faster their browsing experience will be. Hosting in South Africa will mean that your website information reaches your customer’s computer much faster. 
  2. Hosting in South Africa also means that your server support team is easier to reach in the event of an emergency. Servers crash. Your hosting team will be on hand to get it online again. Before you select a hosting plan it is good practice to determine all the various technical support channels to you. Is your support team available via phone, email and live chat? 
  3. Speed is a Google requirement. Google gives preference to websites that load quicker and offer a pleasant browsing experience. 

Any hosting company can get your website up and running but consider speed, reliability, and after-sales support. 

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