If the new normal of online shopping and instant delivery has got you looking to immerse yourself in the world of e-commerce, now is a perfect time! But finding the right niche or product to get you off to the right start can be tricky. 

You have to remember the product must be in demand, it should be available locally (the pandemic has wreaked havoc on shipping from overseas) and it must be within your budget to purchase wholesale stock. These are the essential elements to getting you off the ground.

Whether you’ve already got some ideas, or have no idea where to start, we’ve put together a list of some of the best products to sell online. Maybe it’ll give you the perfect idea, or spark an idea that sets you off onto an exciting path of e-commerce. With an almost infinite number of products on the market, finding one that suits you and the market can be agonizing, so here are 10 trending online products to sell.


Tech accessories


The digital age is fully underway, with digital transformation a high priority for many corporates and SMEs alike. On top of this, remote work has accelerated the need for work-related tech in the home space. Tech accessories from laptops, to mice, to screens and even advanced Wi-Fi solutions, are in high demand and look set to be for some time to come. 


Not only are tech solutions in high demand but they also come in a variety of price brackets and product variations to suit a number of different consumers.


Website hosting


Ever considered getting into the tech space? It’s never been easier or more in demand. Reseller web hosting is a growing space and it’s the perfect time to get involved as more and more people create websites and get their small businesses online. 


You can easily start up your own business where the product is all ready and set for you to go. Plus you can choose a reseller option that best suits your startup budget.


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Kitchen utensils


Lockdown saw us making pineapple beer, banana bread and all sorts of new creations in the kitchen. But despite this trend, kitchen supplies will always be an in-demand set of products. Consumers will always need utensils, supplies and products that help them whip up midweek meals or festive feasts, and if you can offer them at a desirable price-point for the quality you offer, you’ve got yourself a winning niche.


Office supplies


Tech accessories may be increasingly popular, but so too are general office supplies now that more people are setting up offices in their homes. Think desks, chairs, filing systems, bookshelves and even fun accessories like desk lights, notebooks, stationery and air purifying plants.


Plus, your market is as big as you want it to be. Think students, freelancers, full-time remote employees, even retirees who enjoy an office set up in their home.


Home office setup.


Outdoor wear


Not only do we live in a country where our climate is ideal for outdoor activities almost all year round, but the pandemic has also encouraged more people to get outdoors and active! That means that whether people are looking to update their fitness gear, or purchase some for the first time, there’s always a market for outdoor wear.


Outdoor wear is so diverse, you can find a specific line of wear you want to sell or offer a few options. From shoes, leggings, jackets and socks, you’ve got all the choices.




If the arts is a passion of yours, online shopping for home decor has spiked as people avoid crowded showrooms and auctions. Whether it’s your art you want to start earning an income from, or you just want to provide the platform for aspiring local artists, there is a demand for online artwork as people look to spend less in shops and more online.


Kids toys


Kids toys will never go out of fashion, and by providing the sale of these items online you’re capturing a parental market looking to avoid shopping malls and crowded spaces. The list is endless and you can pick and choose what kind of products you want to offer, as well as the target audience.


Toys can be seasonal, but most aren’t and so the products are generally in demand all year round.


Home decor


With the likes of Pinterest giving homeowners all the design inspiration they need to decorate their home without forking out their hard-earned cash for a consultant, they are more likely to know the decor they want and have the confidence to purchase it online.


The nice thing is you can go as big or small as you want to. From small accessories like cushions and candles to larger accessories such as outdoor furniture or indoor mirrors.


Garden accessories


With lockdowns coming and going, people are investing more time and energy into their gardens or indoor plants. Gardening has made a trendy comeback and consumers are offered a world of interesting plant species and accessories to keep their plants happy and healthy.


From soils and fertilizers to modern pots and bird feeders, the garden industry is wide open to those wanting to provide outdoor products online.


Cleaning products


Hygiene has never been more important, and if you can offer cleaning products that are more natural and not harmful to the planet or pets then all the better. From hand sanitisers to surface cleaners and appliance-specific cleaners, there are a host of products available to hygiene-conscious consumers.


If you’ve got the time and resources, you can even invest in creating your own cleaning products and unique brand to step into the market with.


So what are you waiting for! If you’re ready for the e-commerce world there are an almost limitless number of opportunities waiting for you.