Gridhost, what you know today as 1-grid, was previously the hosting and domains division of the internet service provider WebAfrica. Since the migration to our own brand, there have been some changes. We recently touched base with our server administration team and asked them to provide an overview of changes and challenges on our hosting infrastructure.


Tell us about the journey from Webafrica to 1-grid in terms of server infrastructure? What’s changed?

Up to now, we have kept our server infrastructure mostly the same. Our focus since the Webafrica migration was to tighten ship, implement better systems and best practises to support our customers.

We have made some strategic changes, most notable being:

  • Developing a new domain management system
  • Migration to a new spam filtering provider
  • Implementation of a world-class backup solution


Server updates and upgrades need to be performed regularly. How do you and your team approach this without causing disruption?

All scheduled maintenance is carefully planned. Some maintenance can be done without causing disruption but, unfortunately, this is not always the case. We update our status page so that customers can be aware of any scheduled maintenance. When it is determined that maintenance will cause disruption, it is scheduled outside office hours at a time when there will be little to no impact on customer experience.


We offer cPanel as a hosting control panel interface. How do you ensure that our customers always have the best experience with cPanel?

cPanel is very focussed on providing an easy-to-use interface combined with flexibility. Behind the interface, there is also a very strong focus on speed, stability and security. There are different tiers of cPanel available. The latest is not always the best, therefore, we make use of a thoroughly tested and stable version.


What is currently available that was not there a few years ago?

We have introduced a high-specification dedicated server solution. Our Enterprise Server is unparalleled in terms of server resources.


You work around the clock to ensure we adhere to the latest security standards. How can customers make sure that they play their part when it comes to their online safety?

It is important to remember that when you have a website, no matter how many security measures are in place on the hosting system, your website is still open to the world. That means anyone can access your web content or exploit vulnerable code in your CMS (like WordPress). Keep your CMS updated and maintain your website. Make sure you run the latest stable versions of your CMS, themes and plugins.


What can we look forward to in terms of 1-grid’s hosting environment?

We are working on several exciting projects that include:

  • A brand-new virtual infrastructure platform that will introduce increased stability and performance to our hosting and Managed VPS offerings.
  • An updated and improved Windows hosting control panel.

1-grid will continue to offer the best possible web hosting experience. Our team is growing, and we are investing in our infrastructure.


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