Are you running an ecommerce website? Managing all your products and doing all of the marketing for your small business by yourself? There’s an app for all of that! With the plethora of business apps out there, it is now easier than ever to run a business on the go.

You may already have secured the perfect domain and designed a professional new website but other aspects of your business need more attention. Luckily, you can choose from a wide range of free and really affordable apps that can do (almost) everything for you!


Apps for productivity


Is the stress of running a business getting the better of you? Feeling overwhelmed can hurt your productivity. Luckily, there are many top-rated apps that can streamline your business processes and improve your productivity.


  • Evernote

It’s no surprise that 225-million people trust Evernote. This application has been around for about 15 years and offers a safe and secure space where you can store everything from personal notes to business projects. Plus, Evernote allows you to sync and share almost everything to ensure that your business processes flow!


  • Todoist

Unclutter your business with this productivity booster. With Todoits, you can keep track of everything you need to do (and remember!) in one place. This will allow you to manage your time better and enjoy more peace of mind knowing all your tasks are organised together.


Apps for project management


Don’t have enough time to manage all your projects? Invest in an effective and efficient app with functions to assist you with your projects, so that you can focus on other aspects of your small business.


  • Trello

Organise all your projects with Trello’s easy-to-edit boards, lists, and cards. These functions enable you to organise and prioritise your projects in a flexible and really rewarding way.


  • Asana

Want an app to plan and structure work in a way that’s best for you? Asana is a work management application that allows you to stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks that grow your business. Get organised, stay on track and hit deadlines – hassle-free!


Apps for communication in your small business


  • Slack

Slack is a complete collaboration hub for businesses. This communication app offers a space where conversations can take place, decisions can be made, and information can be shared. With Slack, you are always better connected.


  • Skype

Looking for a way to communicate with your team, a supplier or a customer “face-to-face” without having to leave your home or office? Skype allows you to effortlessly connect with anyone via a “video call”. All you need is a good internet connection.


Apps for marketing your small business


The marketing of your small business is incredibly important to ensure the longevity and success thereof. Luckily there are plenty of apps to help you to automate and streamline your marketing efforts.


  • Hootsuite

Manage all your social media in one place with Hootsuite. This popular application helps you to do more with your social media platforms – you can save time by scheduling your social posts, measure your social media results and even serve customers via Hootsuite!


  • Mailchimp

Looking to create unique and creative email marketing campaigns for your small business? Try Mailchimp – it’s easy and free! You don’t have to be a designer or tech whiz to use Mailchimp. This nifty app’s design tools make it easy to create sophisticated campaigns that place the spotlight on the best of your business.


Whether you want to save time by automating tedious tasks or you want an application for a task that you’re not skilled in, there is an app for that. App newbie? Try a few out to see which ones suit your business best. Most applications offer free versions and complementary trials!


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