Website design without the expensive upfront fees and hidden costs. This is was our mission when we launched our web design product a few years ago. We wanted every small business in South Africa to have quick, affordable access to expert web designers and copywriters. Our strategy is threefold.

We offer every entrepreneur a web design agency experience with access to:

  1. A professional Web Designer
  2. An expert Copywriter
  3. A very experienced Customer Account Manager

Just having one of these skill sets available to a small business owner, would typically cost a fortune. Web design agencies charge consultation and engagement fees. We developed a model that allows for monthly payments via different payment methods. You’re not bound to a contract and you get web hosting with email accounts for your business included. It’s an all-round winning deal.

Affordable Website Design Packages

Let’s talk about money first. 1-grid’s monthly web design packages start from R419 per month. There are no setup fees and we’ll register your domain at no cost. Our copywriters will write your content in a way that’s Google-friendly and you’re allowed 1 hour of monthly changes. If anything changes at your business jut pop us an email and your account manager will get your changes seen to. Our designers have experience in building sites across most industries. Right before we take your website live, you will get a draft link and may suggest any changes. Once those changes are done, we publish your website.

Website Design South Africa

This is a services for any business owner in South Africa. It’s even perfect to have that old stale website you’ve had since 2003 refreshed. Design style and trends evolve. Many businesses in South Africa do not keep up with the evolution, so you really have a chance to set yourself apart. Our designers use a unique platform to create your website. We manage all the security updates. You really never have to touch it. We’ve got it covered.

Web Design Companies

It seems that web design companies are a dime a dozen. Everyone’s doing it. Learning to design websites has become easier and more accessible over time so we naturally have more agencies starting up all the time. Each has a unique flavour. What’s important is that you employ the design company who is able to offer you an all-inclusive experience. There’s really no need to host your website with one company, have your email somewhere else and then get another to do your website. Our solution covers all those elements in one space.

Web Design Services

What does web design cover? Taking your business information and translating it into a clear visual representation for people to access online. Web design excludes logo design, photoshoots, and making flyers. Our business is to take what you have and build a stunning website for your website.

Website Design and Hosting

Web hosting is a big deal. No website can exist without it. To simplify the issue, we’ll just take care of your website hosting as well. Web hosting is the combination of hardware, software and network infrastructure that creates a space for your website to be access online. It’s something you need, so we’ll cover it.

Basic Website Packages

As mentioned our monthly web design packages start at R419/month and the largest plan is R1099. You can get the breakdown of each and everything in between at 1-grid.