In 1969 humans landed on the moon, in 1991 Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web and in 2016 Sophia, the most advanced humanoid robot was created. So in 47 years, we went from landing on the moon to Will Smith going on a rather awkward date with an AI – what does the future hold 2022? Read on for our 2022 tech predictions.


The point is that technology grows exponentially, our need for faster connections, instant access, information transparency, automation and so on will continue to push and advance technological boundaries for quite some time to come.

The global pandemic that hit us in 2020 is a good example of how our needs caused a number of changes to take place and it forced us to rethink things a bit in terms of the way we live and work. A simple example is a surge in the use of e-commerce website builders and subsequently delivery services.

Our Top 5 2022 Tech Predictions


1. Increased focus on Quantum computing

Although we are decades away from having quantum computers at home there have been huge advances made, the problem is the pace of development. The current use cases for this technology are rather limited and this restricts the pace at which the technology is developed. We predict that big tech companies will start to place more focus on use cases going forward, this in turn will help speed up development and pave for more mainstream development.


Google’s Sycamore chip is kept cool inside their quantum cryostat. (Image: © Eric Lucero/Google, Inc.)


2. Online security

With our reliance on the internet we inevitably also part with personal information that can be used to identify us as individuals. Our online activity is constantly being tracked and analyzed but having your personal information exploited is an ever-increasing worry. Hackers are continually looking for ways to access locked systems and this activity is increasing, as such, we will see more efforts made by big tech to stay one step ahead with cybersecurity.

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3. An increased focus on remote working

Remote working is nothing new and with the ever-present pandemic, it has been embraced by many companies. Productivity and management tools have seen a rather significant usage increase over the past year and already we are seeing regular changes and improvement being rolled out as a result of greater demand. With the wide range of industries out there it could be hard for some companies to find a “one shoe fits all” solution, as such we are like to see more custom solutions and development being offered in the years to come.



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4. 5G and beyond

We use our mobile devices for almost everything, communicating, entertainment, shopping, banking, the list goes on. In 2021, the number of smartphone users in the world today is 3.8 Billion, which translates to 48.46% of the world’s population owning a smartphone. With that amount of people online we need bigger, better, and faster wireless connectivity like 5G. Wireless technology is moving at a phenomenal pace, China has already sent a 6G satellite into space and 5G is not even globally available yet. We can expect to see more focus on the continued rollout of 5G and other wireless technologies in the coming year, especially with more and more people operating remotely.


5. Strides in artificial intelligence

Remember i-Robot, we’re already there, well in some ways at least. The field of artificial intelligence is huge, big tech companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook make use of AI technology, it’s being used in industries like finance, logistics, healthcare, veterinary care, even sports. Expect to see more sophisticated applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning across industries in 2021.