Apple officially revealed its new operating system iOS 14 at the annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). This year’s conference, however, is all-virtual, due to the global health pandemic COVID-19. If you didn’t catch the full Livestream, we have the main features for the iOS 14 operating system that will drop sometime in July.

 The interface changes are:

  • App library: a new home screen page that will automatically categorise and sort your apps
  • Widgets: widgets can be among your app icons rather than the Today screen
  • Picture-in-picture on iPhone: you can now switch apps while playing video and the video will continue playing in a small box that you can drag around the screen
  • Siri: Siri will no longer take over the screen but rather and can do speech-to-text transcription entirely on-device
  • Messages: you’ll be able to pin your most important conversations to the top of your messages list, plus setup notifications on noisy group messages to only alert you when your name gets mentioned 
  • Maps:  the new maps that will launch later on this year are mindful of bike lanes and hills
  • Car Play: getting new wallpaper options with a few built-in apps for ordering food, parking and charging. Apple has also been working with a few car manufacturers to allow your phone to be your car key
  • App clips: small, lightweight apps that don’t require any installation but will pop-up on demand

Watch the demo video below:

Read more about the iOS 14 features here: