When Itumeleng Lekomamyane took his last R800 and started his sandwich business, he most likely never dreamt of making over R20 000 a month within six months. The young entrepreneur who goes by Sandwich King on his social media, started his business after struggling to find formal employment and needed an income to support his daughter and himself.

In a country with an employment rate of 29.1% and a looming economic recession, entrepreneurship and innovation from young people like Itumeleng is admirable. When Johannesburg Metro police confiscated his stock due to him being in contravention of the city’s bylaws, A twitter storm erupted and Itumeleng received overwhelming support from social media.

To give the young entrepreneur a kudos, we decided to take Itumeleng’s business online. Sandwich Nton Nton’s was missing out on a whole lot of potential customers by not having an online presence. Getting your business online provides you with visibility, legitimacy and potential revenue. So we went ahead with domain registration and professional web design and our copywriters brought the Sandwich King’s vision to life.

Browse Sandwich Nton Nton’s website here: www.ntonntons.co.za

The website features the story of how Itumeleng started his business, to a comprehensive menu, order forms, locations and contact numbers.

While Sandwich Nton Nton’s is a booming business that is loved and supported by customers, it’s not insulated from challenges that the majority of SMME’s face in South Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown are going to have negative effects on small businesses like Sandwich Nton Nton’s. Government has however pledged to provide SMME’s with the necessary assistance. Small business owners need to register on the dedicated website to get the necessary assistance from the government.

You can register for government assistance during lockdown here: www.smmesa.gov.za

The national lockdown is going to be a trying time for businesses in South Africa but the government has made all the necessary provisions to make it as seamless as possible. And to ensure that small businesses like Sandwich Nton Nton’s come out of it relatively unscathed.