It’s a fact that our brains like music. Over the last 40 years, numerous studies have been done on the effect that music has on our brains and whether it really can help with productivity. Across all the different studies, one fact holds inherently true: Music has a significant effect on our mood, while also impacting our blood pressure and heart rate. The feel-good factor that it creates is actually what helps small business owners, like yourself, concentrate and focus for work.

The power of music

As an entrepreneur, you need to maximise the small amount of focus time that you have every day. At 1-grid we have some tips for you on creating focus music for work to help you do just that. The first lesson is that the type of music you listen to is very important. Everyone has their own personal preference, so when creating playlists pick music that you like.

Music is such a powerful brain stimulant, it causes both the left and right sides of your brain to be engaged. Because of this, there are several cognitive benefits associated with listening to music. Your brain is also a very powerful muscle and you can actually train it to associate certain types of music with productivity.

Guidelines for creating playlists

The number one rule when making a focus playlist is to avoid music that has lyrics. Our brains are wired to pay attention to human speech and you’ll find yourself listening to the lyrics more than concentrating on what you are doing.

To get the best out of your music you need to know when to listen to what type of music. If you’re doing anything that requires a lot of concentration stick to music that doesn’t have lyrics. When doing repetitive tasks music with lyrics has actually been shown to significantly improve efficiency and speed.

You should also alternate between periods of music and no music; constant music can end up being distracting as your subconscious is constantly absorbing this information. Try to vary your music every now and again, it’ll help stimulate your brain.

White noise apps

If you’re someone that finds music too distracting to listen to but you also find it difficult to concentrate at times there are a number of apps available like Noisli and Products like this are based off of the concept of binaural beats and create white noise for you. For binaural beats to be effective you need to wear headphones as the technology is based on creating two different tones, one in each ear. Your brain then combines these separate sounds into a third unified one.

Whether it’s listening to a song whenever you take a 5-minute break, or having your headphones on for most of the day music really can have a positive effect on your productivity and focus levels. Listening to music you enjoy is key to keeping your mood up and your stress levels down. It makes repetitive tasks fun and keeps you awake throughout the day. Listen to our different playlists and discover which one is the best at helping you focus for work.