Supporting small is what really matters. Today we were focused on small beings at the Christine Revell Children’s home located in Athlone, Cape Town, South Africa. As part of our quarterly community drives, I had the privilege of dropping off donations made by my team and I. Despite the strict regulations they had in place our hearts are warm knowing that my team and provided these children with their essentials, we highly encourage that you do the same.


Christine Revell Children’s home – Background

They provide shelter and care for children from birth up until the age of 5 years old. These children have been placed by order of a children’s court due to either being neglected, abandoned, abused or were simply orphaned. The home accepts all cases regardless of the children’s circumstances.

The home has a few vehicles, outside playground and well-built centre that caters for the overall well-being of the children. The children have a set routine in place and are constantly being guided to ensure they develop mentally and grow physically.

Their aim is not to only give these children the love and care they deserve but they are continuously looking to place them in loving homes.


Giving back

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic they are not allowing any visitors to interact with the kids in the home however are openly welcoming donations.

If you have the means to donate, consider shopping online to ensure your safety too. Here are a few online shops that stock the supplies Christine Revell Children’s home needs:

Baby formula

Meat supplies

Vegetables and fruit

These are only a few of the groceries they need. Unsure about what else they might need? Ask yourself what any child between of the ages of  0 – 5 needs, alternatively you can reach out to them over the phone or email.