Social Media Day falls on June 30th annually and is officially the day we celebrate social media. Human beings are social creatures and friendship, intimacy, as well as a sense of connection form part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Interpersonal relationships are a fundamental human need, and social media has made connecting with loved ones, in this COVID-19 era and in general, much easier.

From finding long-lost family members to forging new friendship or romantic relationships, finding a community that accepts you as you are, as well as making money, social media has changed the way we work and relate. Today we’re looking at three ways social media has shaped our lives and made the world a smaller place.

Social media has changed the way we do business

Before social media, the avenues to market your brand was through traditional marketing avenues like print, broadcast, direct mail and billboards. Although social media has not replaced these forms of advertising, it has, however, offered more cost-effective and instant ways to market your business.

Social media has also made entrepreneurship more tangible because anyone from anywhere can start an online business. In addition to giving people from disadvantaged backgrounds access to entrepreneurial opportunities, social media has also allowed people to hold big corporations accountable.

Here are the ways that social media has changed how we conduct business:

  • Exposure and traffic
  • Starting and growing small businesses
  • Holding corporates accountable
  • Ethical business practices
  • Engagement with customers
  • Low-cost marketing

If you’re starting your small business or looking to tap into other markets and increase traffic to your website, consider making social media an integral part of your marketing strategy. If you don’t have the time or money to invest in hiring a social media manager, have a look at our social media marketing packages. We will develop a tailored social media strategy for your business, generate leads and curate your social media posts.

Social media has improved the way we communicate 

The world has become a smaller place, and staying in touch is as easy as a Zoom video call or a text. The global pandemic has illustrated how crucial social media is as a communication tool. Working from home requires us to maintain teamwork, communication, and collaboration with colleagues, without the various social media tools, it would’ve been a daunting task. Working from home requires collaboration tools like video conferencing, emails, instant messaging and team workspaces; all the features that our Business Email packages encompass.

Social media allows us to talk to family and friends in different corners of the world. Keeping in touch and feeling like you have community is an essential part of your wellbeing. Self-quarantine and social distancing would be very isolating if you couldn’t escape and talk to friends or stay connected with what was happening around the world.

Social media impacts the way we think

Sharing ideas, experiences and learning new things is a big part of social media. You’ll always find something to learn and think about when scrolling your twitter timeline. Before social media, governments, politicians and corporations were gatekeepers of information, and now leaders are obligated to be transparent and accessible.

Social media has also exposed many social injustices and ills that previously would go unnoticed and unchecked. Now people can share ideas, find community and camaraderie on social media. Following the right people on Twitter can teach you a lot; from how to invest your money, start a business, to race and feminist theory, as well as climate change.

With all the negative connotations that come with social media, it’s also essential to take stock of how it has changed our lives and the positive impact that it has and will continue to have for future generations.