The Coronavirus lockdown has turned life as we know it upside down. We’re feeling the impacts of COVID-19 on the economy and society as a whole. Many have had to get acclimated to working from home and social distancing. There are endless articles with productivity tips and collaboration tools to help you and your team maintain a steady workflow while working from home. It’s essential to minimize the impact of the lockdown on businesses. Government has made provisions to assist enterprises in where applicable, all you need to do is register on the site and specify the type of assistance you need.

The first half of the lockdown, the focus was on practical aspects; it’s time to shift the gaze and consider mental health during this time. Restricted movements and self-isolation are no easy feat, and mental health experts foresee a significant spike in anxiety, depression and loneliness during Coronavirus. Feelings of uncertainty and sadness are natural in these uncertain times. But people who are predisposed to mental illness can easily slip into a dark hole. The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) give a few tips on how to reduce stress during the Coronavirus national lockdown. 

  • Establish and maintain a daily routine 

It’s important to find a rhythm that suits you and to maintain some normalcy during unstable times. Wake up around the same time, shower, have breakfast and start working. Human beings are creatures of habit, and a routine can bring you comfort as well as make you feel like you’re regaining control. 

  • Restrict social media COVID-19 coverage

Don’t read every breaking story on the pandemic is not healthy for your mental health. Rather than hopping on Twitter or Facebook, prioritize credible outlets for your Coronavirus updates. Spreading fake news on COVID-19 carries punitive implications, but people still share fake stories. We have a list of phone numbers to have during lockdown that will give you credible updates whenever you need them. 

  • Acknowledge your feelings

Feelings of sadness are natural and should be acknowledged. Try and focus on things you have control over, like your daily routine. Suppressing and bottling up emotions is not healthy.

  • Stay busy and connected

Find activities to occupy all this free time you suddenly have. Start a side hustle or a new hobby. If you want to start a website or blog, now is the time to register your domain and try your hand at our Web Builder. Connect to family and friends via video conferencing apps or instant messaging. 

  • If you’re on medication, remember to take it

It’s very important not to stop taking your medication as prescribed. Whenever you can squeeze in some exercise or meditation. Self-care is vital during this time to stay centred. 

If you or anyone you know needs urgent assistance, call Cipla SADAG 24-hour mental health helpline on 0800 456 789 or WhatsApp 076 882 2775

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