Does every business need a social media expert? In short, no. You need a TEAM of industry experts. Social media is becoming an influential factor in your customers buying process. Have you ever considered your businesses growth could be stagnant because of your social media presence?

Are you investing the right amount of money hiring the right specialists for your marketing team? Your social media strategy goes beyond having a planner filled with content to post. 

Adopting a new approach may take your business to new heights. How? Here are a few reasons: By establishing a sound brand authority with up-to-date content, showing authenticity with a set brand tone, encouraging user engagement through Instagram stories, online questionnaires and lastly providing the right customer support. 

Your customers buying process may be influenced by your social presence, are you falling behind or keeping up? 

Here is a list of industry experts you should be hiring to boost your businesses social media presence: 

1. Copywriter

If your time is limited when it comes to writing compelling copy for your website or social media platforms, consider hiring an industry-specific copywriter who can. Your copywriter will have the freedom to explore current market trends and turn them into excellent copy which can be shuffled across blog posts, social content posts or promotional mailers. Get your brand known on social media with ever-green content – who knows – this may be your one way ticket to go viral. 

2. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer plays an important role in communicating your brand-identity artistically and professionally to target your businesses online audience. Once a set brand-guide and logo has been finalised, sales will flow naturally as people indirectly associate a unique logo or quality design pieces with companies who produce quality products and services – which in turn would lead to increased customer loyalty.

3. Content Social Media Analyst

Identify where your brand fits in and what your consumers think about your brand by analysing relevant social metrics such as instagram likes, views, saves, followers etc. A content analyst will add value to the rest of you marketing team giving insight into what deliverables are performing high or low for your marketing campaigns allowing for any business to adjust their marketing strategy if needed. 

4. Community Social Media Manager

You need someone to act as a voice for your business and engage with your online audience frequently, this comes with great responsibility depending on the size of your current business and amount of social platforms you wish to use.

5. Marketing Manager

Any organisational team needs direction, employ a marketing-head for your team to act as  a go-to-medium for the marketing team and business owner. Their role would consist of under-going frequent competitors analysis and would work hand-in-hand with a content analyst to strategise on high-level marketing strategies that funnel in your social media content plan too.

These are popular social media sites you should be utilising to increase your brand awareness, customer reach and businesses growth: 

  1. Facebook

If you want to reach a large target audience set up a business Facebook account and target a third of the worlds population. There are over 2 billion Facebook people using it every month.

  2. YouTube 

YouTube is making head-way into businesses social media strategy falling second to Google as one of the largest existing search engines. 

  3. WhatsApp 

Communication between companies and customers have become extremely efficient now that WhatsApp allows you to add a business profile, provide customer support and       lastly share updates to your customers about purchases they may have made.

   4. Facebook messenger

This popular stand-alone app allows businesses to advertise, create chatbots and send newsletters. 

   5. Instagram

This widely-used app allows for a business profile to be set-up allowing any content analyst to track analytics at no cost.