Non-essential businesses had to cease operations during this COVID-19 lockdown. The majority of the South African workforce is working from home and practising social distancing. Mobile networks like Vodacom report a 40% surge in data traffic, and this is attributed to people spending more time behind computer screens and on their cellphones. Reports state that the websites getting most traffic are social media sites

It makes all the sense to take your self-quarantine time to focus on growing your social media engagement. Building your social media reach is a long-term investment that will see you generate leads, increase engagement and strengthen brand loyalty. 

1-grid conducted a beginner-friendly webinar where our marketing professional gave tips and tricks to help you increase your social media increase.

Social Media Webinar

The basics of using social media to increase your reach.

Posted by 1-grid on Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Start by identifying your audience

Knowing who your audience is, is an excellent point of departure because not everyone on the internet is your target. Narrow your audience down by interest, demographic and make a note of what their preferred social media platforms are as well as behaviour on these platforms. 

Create a social media content calendar

It’s essential to have a plan on how frequently you post, where and when. Consistency is vital, and it’s wise to ramp up your posting schedule with compelling content during this time. 

Engage with your followers

Reply and interact with your audience. Be a sympathetic ear and ask for frequent feedback because this will help you improve. 

Try new methods of communicating with your audience

How about inviting people to a Webinar where you give expert advice and useful tutorials about your product offerings. Instagram live has also become a popular way to connect in real-time.

The lockdown presents the perfect opportunity to sharpen your social media skills and get your business socials up to par. Use this time also to adjust your product or service offerings to suit the