If you’re on Twitter, then you’ve probably witnessed this: a celebrity being praised for their work and being a favourite (for about 5 minutes) and subsequently being met with the wrath of Twitter due to problematic old tweets. The devil works hard, but Twitter detectives work harder. We’ve all had some questionable moments on social media, humans are continually evolving, and you’re allowed to change your mind or stance on specific issues. The problem today, however, is that those ideas or opinions that you shared years ago can come back to haunt you. 

People have lost work opportunities and had their public image tainted due to old posts resurfacing. Sure, the average person probably won’t get to feel the brunt of being a trending topic due to old tweets. Still, you could lose work opportunities or compromise the integrity of your business and personal brand. When endeavouring into business or working in corporate spaces, it’s advisable to review your past persona on social media and check if it aligns with who you are today. 

Facebook has launched its Manage Activity feature to make it easier to bulk delete unwanted eras on your social media. The feature gives you a bulk view of posts sorted by the date. You can filter by the category, time and people. You can either trash unwanted posts in bulk, or archive posts so that you can still have access to the posts at will. Trashed posts can be restored up to 30 days from the deletion date. 

Watch this video demo to learn how to use the feature:


Facebook is leading the pack with this innovative feature. In the past, you would’ve had to scroll down your profile and delete posts individually, and the feature makes it easier to bulk delete or archive. As someone who’s had to archive over 50 Instagram posts, if we could get the same functionality for Twitter and Instagram, it would be amazing.