Father’s Day 2020 is officially on the 21st of June, unbeknownst to a bunch of Twitter users who, for the past two weeks have been making father’s day a trending topic on socials. This year’s Father’s Day is slightly different if you haven’t noticed. We’re in the thick of a global pandemic, approaching advanced level 3 lockdown in South Africa to be exact, and gatherings are still prohibited. So what can we do to celebrate dads during an epidemic and shaky economy? Make fun of them by sending dad jokes on the family WhatsApp group, of course. 

Maybe you left the gifting for too late, and you don’t have the money right now plus, you need some Father’s Day content to post on the day, we have the top dad jokes right here. We scoured the internet doing some serious journalistic work to bring you chucklesome content for Father’s Day 2020. Here are our favourite dad jokes from Reddit.

Today, I got a job working in an elevator… from dadjokes

A baby born now, in 2033, will be a… from dadjokes

Where does a lizard go when it loses its tail ? from dadjokes

I tried to catch fog yesterday… from dadjokes

Does anybody know how many COVID-19 cases they have in Antarctica? from dadjokes

Does anyone know who played frodo in Lord of the rings? from dadjokes

What is the cheapest insult to The Count on Sesame Street? from dadjokes

I was going to get a Pizza delivered from dadjokes

And we got a few relatable memes:

Electric bill from Dadmemes

Keep my dinner warm, sharon! from Dadmemes

Maybe a leak in the exhaust manifold? from Dadmemes

ThAtS nOt WhAt I mEaNt from Dadmemes

Dad’s everywhere, every day of quarrantine from Dadmemes

Here are some cute messages from Pinterest to send to the fathers in your life:

We at 1-grid want to wish all the fathers a Happy Father’s Day (from a social distance) this Sunday! You are real-life superheroes and truly appreciated.