You carved out the time to sit down and work but your phone is staring at you as Johnny looked at Baby in Dirty Dancing. Without thinking you reach for it because it probably sits just to the right of your PC. Looking at what your world is getting up is obviously far more important than your presentation. After an hour of white cat memes and you’re too tired to continue with work so you just look at vacancies on LinkedIn. New year, same old traumatising cycles.

So, let’s kill our social media apps at certain hours. Block access to the websites we love while we need to work. And, yes, there’s an app that does exactly that – AppBlock. This is an Android-only app but you can quite easily find equivalents for Apple. I’ve got a list of equally good alternatives further down.

With AppBlock you basically kill distracting apps based on time periods, WiFi connections, or location. I decided to shut out anything that’s distracting from 9 PM t0 7 AM. No social media apps, work-related apps and websites for me between those hours from Monday to Friday. To create this I used the super easy user interface and I was all set in three minutes. It’s been a few days and so far so good. AppBlock is available in free and paid versions. I went for the paid option which set me back R82.00 for the lifetime no-ads option. That’s a movie ticket’s price in exchange for something nifty to get 2021 going.

Stay focused on these apps


  1. Offtime – Android and Apple
  2. Flipd – Android and Apple
  3. Breakfree – Only Android
  4. AppDetox  РOnly Android 

It’s a known fact that you can get more done when you are not distracted. Get back to work.