Video conferencing has always been the most effective way of conducting face to face meetings and interviews for people in different parts of the world. This mode of communication has, over the past couple of months, been thrust into the spotlight due to COVID-19. Social distancingworking from home and self-quarantine have become the norm, and as a result, video conferencing apps have seen a spike in downloads

Everyone has had to use video conferencing apps to maintain a collaborative culture and to speak to external suppliers as well as customers. With the gradual easing out of lockdown, it’s evident that most businesses will not immediately resume full operations. As a result, the majority of people will continue to work from home. 

At 1-grid, we’ve all been video conferencing with our teams daily, and it started a bit rocky, but two months into lockdown, we finally have it on lock. So, we compiled a few helpful tips on video conferencing etiquette.  

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection before the video call starts.

Ensuring you have a secure connection beforehand will save you from being late due to lack of connectivity. Plus, if your internet is slow, you can express that from the onset and rather switch video mode off and use audio instead. 

Things that can contribute to a slow connection are:

  • Sharing the network with other people
  • Other applications that use internet

If you experience slow internet try:

  • Connecting directly to your router
  • Closing applications that use internet

Use the mute button

When you’re not speaking, it’s best to mute your sound; the background noise can be very distracting; muting allows you and other participants to hear the person speaking better. Signal when you want to talk to avoid talking over each other. Don’t forget to unmute your audio when you need to speak. 

Sharing your screen

Screen sharing is a fantastic tool for presentations and if you’re the one that has to share your screen, make sure you do the following:

  • Do a test run before the meeting
  • Make sure that the presentation you want to display is open and ready beforehand
  • Turn off email or chat notifications 
  • If you’re presenting something on a search engine or internet browser, clear your browsing history
  • Make sure your desktop is clean; doesn’t contain sensitive information or NSFW content

Have fun with video conferencing

Video conferencing will probably be part of our lives for a while moving forward, and here are some tips to make it more fun:

  • Use good natural light or find good lighting in your house
  • Dress the part
  • Personalize or change your background 

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