Mondays are not fun. You’ve just had an awesome weekend luxuriating and getting much-needed rest and all of a sudden, it’s Monday. But the start of a new week does not have to feel daunting. With preparation and planning, you can master your Mondays.

We have a few tips that will ensure that Monday becomes the most productive day of your week and sets the tone for a good work week.


Don’t work or check emails on the weekend. Do your best to get rest and not think about work. This is very important to ensure that you get adequate rest and recharge your battery for the new week. Make it a rule to not check work emails during the weekend.

Also, take a few hours to unplug from social media and be off the grid. Take a walk, read a book or enjoy a cup of tea in your garden or balcony. We sit behind screens every day and unknowingly get overstimulated. Taking a break, even for a few hours, is essential. 

No Housekeeping on Mondays

Do not use Mondays for housekeeping. You won’t accomplish much if you use your Monday to reply to emails, jot down tasks or To-Do lists. Use Friday to map out all the tasks you need to accomplish for the coming week. Fridays are generally slower and less busy – that is the time to really get into goal-setting and to-do lists.

Free up an hour on Friday to go through your emails and schedule replies where applicable. Getting to the office on a Monday with an overflowing inbox can be overwhelming and heighten your anxiety. Another tip is to use the time you spend commuting on reading your emails.

Eat the Frog 

Author, Mark Twain famously said, “If the first thing you do in the morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the rest of the day knowing the worst is behind you”. This means that if you start your day by doing the most difficult or least enjoyable task, then you can go through the rest of the day knowing that the most challenging part is behind you. 

Go through your to-do list every Monday and find your frog. Eat it and get done so you can proceed with your other tasks. Never leave your most difficult task for later. 

Set the mood

Whether it’s a five-minute meditation session before your shower or a moment of solitude before you start your day. Set the tone of your day your way. Some people need silence, others a killer playlist to jam to. Find what sets a positive and productive vibe for you and do it religiously. 

Mondays really don’t have to be a schlep. These tips will ensure that you start your week off on a good note.