South Africa has moved to level 4 of lockdown, Cyril Ramaphosa has slowly started to ease the regulations for restaurants, takeaways, gardeners, and domestic workers by setting a curfew and ensuring strict regulations are in place. Despite the strings attached to allow some activities to resume this is good news for small businesses who are in the food industry –marketing during the level 4 lockdown needs to be consistent, supportive, and authentic. People are using the internet to pass time, they are looking for COVID-19 tips and wondering if you are still in business.

Stay at the forefront during lockdown

Level 5 of the national lockdown has forced local businesses to close shop but it has not restricted them from being a force for good. During this crisis, stay true to your brand values and care for the general well-being of your audience, and don’t forget to communicate to your base that your business exists. Staying at the forefront means playing your part in the crisis to support your local health authorities and wherever your strengths may lie, use it to add value to your consumers and if you are uncertain around their interests, encourage people to feedback.

Here are three examples on how to get feedback:

  1. Facebook Polls

2. Twitter polls

3. Instagram question stickers

Instagram question stickers

Stay online during lockdown 

Going into the different levels of lockdown, remain consistent, remain online. The economic activities in South Africa may slowly be getting back to normal but If COVID-19 infections rapidly increase, we can assume the government could call the nation into its second national lockdown meaning you need to be better prepared. We are not able to predict what the future holds for us but we can certainly prepare for It.

Use this time to move your operations online and shift your attention to the marketing professionals who are hosting Facebook webinars or Q&A’s on Instagram live, help is all around, you just need to look.

Stay safe during lockdown

Yes, it means washing your hands and watching what you do online. Washing your hands is almost effortless but crucial to prevent the spread of germs, the same applies to your online activities minus ‘the washing your hands’ part. Protecting your online presence can be easy too, creating a strong password may put you miles ahead of online hackers, or adding the green padlock to your website might save your business from entering uncharted waters

These unprecedented times have created a shift in the way we live, communicate, and operate in business. Our advice during this lockdown, see the opportunity by investing more of your time in meaningful pursuits, engage in activities now, that will bring a positive return for your business in the future.