The Coronavirus lockdown has us all staying home and finding creative ways to carry on with business as usual. The national lockdown has changed the way we work, exercise and socialize, to primarily doing these activities from home. 

With the help of video conferencing apps, you can feel a little less isolated. We’re giving the top video calling apps to see you through your COVID-19 quarantine. 

Video Conferencing for Work

Microsoft Teams

This app is ideal for having business as usual meetings, stand-ups and check-ins with your work team. Teams is an instant messaging app that will facilitate teamwork and collaboration during the lockdown and beyond. 

Google Hangouts

Hangouts is primarily a text, voice and video app. It’sIt’s integrated into Gmail and is available on Android as well as iOS. 


Slack is an all-encompassing collaboration tool. You have different teams, and collaboration spaces can attach documents, instant message and video conference. You need all these functionalities to remain productive when working from home or remotely. 

Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and Slack are all new forms of communication, email has become the official communication within organizations and outside. Your business needs an email solution that has the business domain for professionalism and credibility. 1-grid has a solution that has secure emails, collaboration tools, instant messaging, video conferencing and responsive to desktop as well as mobile. Our Pro Email is an all-inclusive business email, collaboration and productivity tool staring at R49 monthly per mailbox. 

Social Video Chats

Keeping contact with friends and family will make your lockdown more bearable. Video calling apps are going to pull you through. 


You can host gatherings of up to 25 people for free on Zoom. The app is also perfect for attending workout sessions. 


This app is perfect for group video calls with friends and family. You receive notifications when your friends and family are online and available to video chat. 


WhatsApp remains undefeated video chat app. Everyone already has the app on their phones, and the video quality is impeccable. 


All your favourite musicians are also on self-quarantine and bored out of their minds at home and having living room concerts. From John legend to James Blake and many more, musicians are keeping their fans as well as themselves occupied during these trying times. 

Instagram Live

Catch your favourite artists or celebrities in real-time on Instagram Live to keep entertained. The comment sections on IG lives also provide much-needed comedic relief. 

Instagram also has video call functionality that enables group video calls. Or you can start your own live and have chats with your followers. 

Staying social, while distancing doesn’t have to be complicated. These apps make your loved ones, team members and favourite musicians accessible.