In a bid to bring our valued customers the most compelling content on the blog, we also had to look at delivering the content in different formats. Considering how people consume your content should be a priority in your content strategy. For a variety of reasons, some people prefer reading while some want to watch a video, and others enjoy listening to podcasts. So 1-grid decided to launch our very own podcast!

The 1-grid podcast will be bringing you everything from business-related topics to personal finances, trending topics, career profiles, online marketing and more. On the inaugural episode, we speak to our Finance Manager Cobus Greeff about something that many people struggle with, that are exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, financial health and saving money.

The pandemic pulled the rug from underneath millions of South Africans and as we tier down to more relaxed lockdown regulations, consider getting back to saving money or starting your road to financial health. Our PR maven, Saskia, had a conversation with Cobus about personal finances and what tips he has for people who want to improve their finances and save money in lockdown.

In the podcast episode he gives the following tips:

Automate saving: Set your account up for your monthly saving amount to automatically go off on payday – this will ‘force’ you to keep going and also function as a reminder.

Pause monthly subscriptions: if you want to save money, consider pausing the monthly subscriptions that you don’t use as much anymore.

Don’t overthink: Overthinking budgeting and saving is a sure way to cause yourself unwanted anxiety, keep it simple and don’t make it a big deal.

Get a budgeting app: A budgeting app that links to your account will keep you on track and give you tips on areas that you could be saving more on. Cobus suggests trying the 22Seven app

Have a retrospective look at your budget: Get into the habit of looking closely at your bank statement to track spending.

Tweak budget in advance for projected extra spending: It’s crucial to be malleable in your spending and put away small amounts in anticipation for things like getting your car serviced.

Plan for your retirement: Saving for retirement is essential and if your company does not offer a pension fund, get one in your personal capacity to ensure that you live comfortably when you retire.

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