Improving your website’s SEO can have tangible results for your business. You can easily in just a few key steps, improve your ranking, increase traffic to your site and ultimately get more customers and increase revenue. 


It may seem a bit intimidating to a beginner but here are three easy steps that you can implement today to improve your Google ranking and website visibility.


A is for Accessible and Secure Website


The starting point is making sure your website is secure and accessible on the internet. The best thing you can do is ensuring that your domain name is simple and states exactly what your business is or the service you provide and is geographically specific. You’re more likely to click on a domain instead of The first URL tells you exactly what the website is about and denotates geography with the whereas the second one does not say much about what the business is about or where it operates.


Now that you have a domain, you’re going to need a place to host it. Our web hosting services are unmatched and secure from as little at R99 a month depending on your chosen package. For e-commerce businesses or any website that houses sensitive information, you’re going to need web security in the form of an SSL security, Domain validation SSL and Website security. This is important because it lets Google know that you are a legitimate business, protects sensitive data and makes customers feel more secure entering your website. 


B is for Backlinks 


A backlink is a link from another website that points to yours. Backlinks are essential in SEO because Google looks at it as those sites vouching for your business and can improve your ranking and visibility. The hack is to ensure that the links come from high-quality sites that are relevant to your industry. 


Start by checking the internet for sites that have mentioned your website or business. You can easily do this with a google search ie: 1-grid and use tools to refine by date or location. Approach the sites that mention you and ask them to insert a link to your website. Another way to get backlinks is to leverage your PR. If you already have a PR budget, make it compulsory that sites link to your website for press releases and align your PR strategy to encompass a certain number of links to your site. Also, just approach content platforms or reviewers in your specific topic or industry and ask them to talk about you or review your products. You might have to offer them something in return, maybe a trade exchange, discount code or guest-post service. 


C is for Content


When it comes to SEO, content is king. It’s best to dot all your I’s and cross your T’s when it comes to on-page SEO content. Make sure every page on your site is optimized with metadata that speaks to your keywords and describes exactly what the page is about. Write long-form keyword-rich content regularly so that Google can have a reason to constantly crawl your site. Create content that is engaging and multifaceted like infographics, video content and make sure you share on your social media platforms. Create evergreen content that can be repurposed and have a posting schedule so that your customers know when to expect content from you and because consistency is key. 



I hope these tips have been helpful because if you can get these right, you’ll be lightyears ahead of the competition.