Increasing your online store’s organic traffic can yield tangible results. Organic traffic is an easy win that requires very little to no budget; dedicate a bit of time, and you will see an increase in sales.

You’ve built your online store using our e-commerce website builder, and now you need to drive traffic to your site and increase sales. These five SEO tips are things you can action today to see a gradual search ranking improvement. Also, remember that investing in your SEO is a long-game; you rarely will see an instant traffic pick-up; it’s an ongoing process that will gradually pay off in the long run.

1. Write unique product descriptions

Google loves unique content. Make sure you don’t duplicate content on your website pages. Write individual and thorough product descriptions that give your audience the most information about your product.

  • Give the product specifications that matter the most to your customer
  • Here’s a detailed guide to writing compelling product descriptions:

 2. Optimise product images 

Images are an essential aspect of selling a product. Make sure your images are crisp and showcase all the details about a specific product. Another thing to remember when uploading your product images is to include keywords in the ALT tag. Incorporating keywords to the ALT tag for images tells Google about the picture, and it will have a better chance of popping up on image search results.

  • Provide clear images from different angles
  • Emphasise the desirable or unique details of the product
  • Make use of image ALT tags to optimise the images
  • Read this detailed article about the importance of image ALT tags and how you can implement this to your online store:

3. Use keyword-friendly URL’s 

Your website URL’s have to make sense to your customer and describe what they will find on the page. URL’s should contain keywords that are relevant to the page. Here are the main points to consider when creating. Your website URL:

  • Clear and concise structure
  • Don’t include weird characters in your URL’s, keep them as simple and descriptive as possible
  • We found a detailed guide to help you structure your website URL’s here:

4. Create video content 

Video content performs exceptionally well, and creating video demos of your products will enhance the customer experience as well as give you some content for your social media platforms. Video demos are easy to share and provide evergreen content for your YouTube channel, social media and website alike.

5. Include reviews and product ratings on your site

Encourage your customers to rate your services or products and incorporate the reviews on your product pages. Reviews are great for SEO, customer engagement and loyalty. Even negative reviews are okay because it shows a balance of opinions and is more authentic.

Here’s a detailed account on how you can incorporate reviews on your e-commerce website:

These are just some of the small tasks that you can implement today. If you dedicate an hour or two to your SEO daily and take note of these small conventions, you will gradually see an increase in traffic; and sales. If you want to take it to the next level, try one of our SEO packages and two-step all the way to the bank.