New cPanel Price Structure

Business VPS Plans

Package NamePrevious Monthly FeeNew Monthly FeeNew cPanel Account Limit
Business VPS: SmallR719R89930
Business VPS: MediumR919R1 09950
Business VPS: LargeR1 319R1 599100
Business VPS: X LargeR2 119R2 399150

Reseller Plans

Package NamePrevious Monthly FeeNew Monthly FeeNew cPanel Account Limit
Reseller (cPanel): SmallR219R29920
Reseller (cPanel): MediumR519R59950
Reseller (cPanel): LargeR819R999100
Reseller (cPanel): X LargeR1019R1299150
[SA] Linux: Reseller StarterR220R25920

Additional Accounts

Additional cPanel AccountscPanel Account Fee (per month)
151 – 200R100
201 – 250R200
251 – 300R300
301 – 400R500
401 – 500R700
501 – 500R900
601 – 700R1 100
701 - 800R1 300
801 +Contact Us

Shared Hosting Plans

Package NamePrevious Monthly FeeNew Monthly Fee
Linux Hosting: XX SmallR19R29
Linux Hosting: X SmallR29R39
Linux Hosting: SmallR49R59
Linux Hosting: MediumR89R99
Linux Hosting: LargeR219R239
Linux Hosting: X LargeR319R349
Linux Hosting: XX LargeR519R549
Linux Hosting: XXX LargeR669R709
Linux Hosting: XXXX LargeR849R899
[SA] Reseller Shared: X Small (VISP)R29R39
[SA] Reseller Shared: Small (VISP)R49R59
[SA] Reseller Shared: Medium (VISP)R89R99
[SA] Reseller Shared: Large (VISP)R219R239
[SA] Reseller Shared: X Large (VISP)R319R349
[SA] Reseller Shared: XX Large (VISP)R519R549
Serve S2R99R109

cPanel Price Increase Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why has the cost of my hosting increased?

cPanel, the company that builds the web control panel, announced a major revision to its licensing model, resulting in significant cost implications for the web hosting industry.

2. When will this increase take effect?

The price increase for the affected services will be applicable as of 1 November.
Note that any new service orders or upgrades will reflect the new pricing.

3. Why will my package be upgraded?

In light of the changes made to the existing licensing model, you are now being billed on an account-by-account basis. Considering the new package limits imposed and your current number of accounts, you have been placed on a package that best accommodates your current usage.
Note that if you have been upgraded and are still using more than the allotted 150 accounts, you will be billed an additional bundle charge for accounts used more than the maximum package threshold of 150 accounts. The bundle options can be viewed here [anchor link to bundle configs].

4. What can I do to reduce costs?

You may be using more cPanel accounts than you need, for example accounts or domains set up that are no longer in use. Any accounts that you feel are not required, should be removed via your WHM/cPanel account interface. To avoid any unnecessary costs, ensure that these are removed before 15 October 2019.

5. What if I need more than 150 accounts?

We have made reservations via bundle options to be added based on your usage requirements. These bundles can be viewed here.

6. I have multiple add-on domains on my hosting package, will these be affected?

No, shared hosting services with add-on domains will not be impacted, other than the increase applicable to your recurring package fee.

7. How to reduce costs by terminating accounts.

If you would like more information on how to terminate accounts not currently in use to reduce costs, please visit this page.