The global pandemic is a crisis that the majority of the world never saw coming. It caused massive disruption in economies, civilian life and affected industries like hospitality, aviation and transport industries to name a few.

Holding down the fort has been a challenge for many leaders; in the face of uncertainty and challenges, inspiring your team to perform optimally, when you don’t necessarily have all the answers is a tremendous challenge. Coronavirus has forced many businesses to think outside of the box and reimagine the way they do things. Leading when things are on the up is easy, but the character of a true leader gets put to the test in times of crisis.

We assembled a few leadership tips that will see you through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Communicate effectively 

Working remotely or from home brought forth a big challenge for many businesses. Maintaining a culture of openness, collaboration and communication is essential while individuals work from home. Video conferencing tools make the transition to working from home easier.

  • Decide on a video conferencing tool (try our Email for Business)
  • Have regular check-ins with you teams
  • Be as transparent as possible

Set realistic goals 

Be honest about what achievable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Setting realistic goals is essential because if an aspect of your business is affected, and you don’t adjust the expectations; you’re essentially setting yourself up for failure.

Be malleable 

These unprecedented times require flexibility and willingness to bend when situations call for it. An example of being flexible and thinking outside of the box is Uber Eats Leave At Door functionality that aims to support social distancing. Another one is alcoholic beverage delivery app, Bottles, delivering grocery essentials in partnership with Pick n Pay when the liquor ban came into play during the lockdown. All these businesses had to get creative and flexible when hit with the Coronavirus restrictions.

Manage stress

Find ways to manage your stress levels and take care of your mental health during this difficult time. Be empathetic to team members who are struggling with mental health or anxiety right now. In addition to following the COVID-19 health guidelines, ensure that you are managing stress and encourage your team to do the same.

Remain positive

As difficult as this may be in these circumstances, remaining optimistic is crucial. A positive outlook is infectious; negativity will drag the team morale down, choose to inspire your team with optimism.