If your business is a non-essential service under the COVID-19 lockdown guidelines, you’re unfortunately not allowed to operate during this period. The lockdown is a devastating blow to many SME’s who don’t have the financial net necessary to stay afloat during the lockdown. The government will, however, make provision and assist small businesses financially and otherwise, if you haven’t registered for assistance, now is the time to do so. There’s a lot of uncertainty at this time and everyone, at this point, must play their role; stay home and practice social distancing as much as possible. 

It is bleak but consider taking this time to work on marketing your non-essential service business online. The majority of the country’s workforce is working from home and self-quarantining. Internet usage has spiked because people are spending more time behind computer and smartphone screens. Take this opportunity to get new customers and stay at the forefront of your existing customer’s minds during the lockdown. We have a few tips for marketing your non-essential products or services during the Coronavirus lockdown:

Get social

Ramp up your social media strategy. People are hungry for content and now is the time to create compelling content for your audience. It’s also the perfect time to engage and to gauge what your audience thinks about your brand and how you can improve your products or services.

Experiment with new forms of content creation for social media. NAPAfrica the not-for-profit neutral Internet eXchange reports an increase in video content consumption, streaming as well as social media usage. Conduct webinars where you take your customers through your products or services. Create evergreen How-To videos for your YouTube channel and post on other social media platforms. Get creative with your business socials and give the customer added value.

  • Post more 
  • Create compelling content 
  • Engage with your audience and ask questions 
  • Experiment with different content types 
  • Conduct webinars or tutorials on video conferencing platforms like Instagram or Facebook

1-grid also offers social media marketing packages where you select the one that suits your business, and we do the rest. 

Email more

Remind your customers that you exist by being a consistent presence in their email inbox. You don’t have to sell products in every single time, take the time to give them helpful hints on things like productivity when working from home, be empathetic to what they are going through. 

  • Send informative emails 
  • Build your email database 
  • Be empathetic and don’t spam audience with hard-sell mailers 

Start a blog

If your business doesn’t already have a blog, you’re missing out on significant content marketing. Blogging is important because you can provide your customers with useful information about your products and posting high-quality content helps build relationships with customers. Blogging also helps drive traffic to your site because Google loves unique and fresh content. 

  • Blog regularly 
  • Publish high-quality content on your blog 
  • Becoming an authoritative voice by providing useful tips that are relevant to your industry 

If you don’t have a business website, let alone a blog, you’re at the right place because 1-grid has all the tools you need to get online. Start by registering a domain name and picking your desired web hosting package. Then get our professional web designers to bring your vision to life. 

Get your SEO right

Search engine optimization is vital in online marketing. Users go on search engines and enter search queries; the most relevant results appear first – and that is where you want to be for your particular keywords. 

If you get it right, you end on the first page of Google search results and get free traffic from Google. But it is a long game so you shouldn’t expect instant results. There are actionable things you can do right now to improve your SEO

  • Keep the meta title at 60 characters and the meta description at 160
  • Add head keyword to title and long-tail variations in the description
  • Your H1 tag needs to contain the head keyword, H2 needs to have modifications, and the body has to have unique keyword-rich SEO copy
  • Blog often

These are just a few tips that you can implement during lockdown to make sure your customers don’t forget about your brand during the lockdown. Ensure you are one of the businesses that customers continue to support when the Coronavirus lockdown is over by being a constant presence and empathetic ear.