Humans are social creatures and, although the Coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone into hermit mode, social media has become the primary mode of communication. The most prominent social media platforms have seen considerable increases in traffic because everyone needs to stay home.

massive spike in internet usage was recorded at residential areas since the national lockdown commencement. Working from home, social distancing and self-quarantining have forced people to rethink the way they work as well as socialise. Video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype have seen a massive increase in users. Big network providers like Vodacom and Cell C have decreased the price of prepaid data bundles. While other network providers do their bit to raise awareness on COVID-19 and partnering with Doctors to help with diagnosis.   

Although many non-essential small businesses have ceased operations during this time, consider, that now is the most convenient time to improve and work on your business social media accounts. Maintaining visibility to customers during this time is crucial. You don’t want your customers to forget that your business exists. Here are some tips you can implement now to improve your social media presence during the national lockdown:

Increase your social media presence

Create unique and compelling content for your customers and post more. People, now more than ever, are hungry for quality content because they are spending more time behind computer screens and smartphones.

Don’t just post to sell things to customers, give them added value, like reporting on Coronavirus updates. Keep your content be an empathetical voice for them. Make your content less about selling products, as most companies can’t operate anyway and more about making a human connection with them.  

Now is the time to engage more

Engage with your customers via your social media platforms. Answer their questions and assist with their queries to the best of your ability. Your audience is spending more time online anyway, use the time to forge meaningful connections.

Optimise for SEO

Work on incorporating SEO-value into your social media posts and content. Add relevant keywords to your posts, so they gain traction. The right keywords can make a big difference in how your posts perform.

Experiment with new content types

Try new methods of communicating with your audience. How about inviting people to a Webinar where you give expert advice and useful tutorials about your product offerings. Instagram live has also become a popular way to connect in real-time.

The lockdown presents the perfect opportunity to sharpen your social media skills and get your SEO on track. Use this time also to adjust your product or service offerings to suit the 

current social climate.