South Africa is under lockdown. Most businesses are closed and people are out of reach. It seems almost impossible to celebrate easter in 2020 but remember “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. Easter Sunday is 14 days away, leaving you ample time to plan, prepare and shift your attention online – this is where your friends, family, and customers are spending most of their time. It won’t require a large amount of money to get your easter themed website launched or to celebrate easter while working from home.

Create excitement

Around this time last year, the anticipation around easter started months ahead. You knew you could expect to see, TV commercials showing you where to get the best hot cross buns, get ideas on where to take your family away for the weekend or you would draw inspiration from these campaigns to hop onto at work. Things have changed, slightly – for the safety of everyone, we are being asked to remain indoors.

If you are working at home or spending time with your loved ones, keep everyone in high spirits.

Decorate your at-home-workspace

If you got all your ‘eggs in the basket’ before lockdown, put it on display – no one would ever deny a vase full of marshmallow eggs. This small initiative will be a good conversational starter too because social distancing may force situations to seem more serious – working remotely comes with its own distractions forcing you to focus more. When you get a moment, keep the conversations light-hearted during online meetings, intentionally place your easter decorations behind you so your teammates will notice and ask questions. If you don’t have any candy eggs, grab paint and begin stroking your store-bought farmer eggs, the kids at home will love this. Alternatively, if you are not excited about the above idea you can keep it simple and place funny easter quotes around your at-home workspace.

Host an online easter egg hunt or cooking show

Jump onto this idea quickly, place pictures of easter eggs in your blog copy and encourage customers to find them and reward them, make a promise to deliver the winners prize once the lockdown window in South Africa is closed.

2020 is the year to switch it up. Scratch the traditional family Easter egg hunt and learn a new skill with your family. Host a cooking show and encourage immediate and extended family members to join. You won’t get the same reaction everyone like you usually would around the dinner table but at least everyone will be in the same place at the same time. There will be many special memories to hold after this online cooking show.

Add an Easter-themed section on your website

Popular local online shopping stores like Woolworths, Faith-to-Nature have already jumped onto this trend and you should ride this wave too. Implement a gamification strategy, this is a good way to encourage people to spend more time on your website engaging with your Easter-related content.

1. Try hosting an easter competition

How to celebrate easter while working from home

2. People are asking questions about Easter, know the answer? Tie into a blog

2020 Easter questions