The COVID-19 pandemic has not only had a tremendous effect on the economy but on a micro scale as well. Many South African civilians are without a source of income, and some have had to take pay cuts or unpaid leave. The aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic will, without a doubt reverberate through our society for years to come. The government has, however, made provisions to provide individuals and companies with some financial relief in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown. 

The president announced in the economic and social relief national address the availability of SME relief funds as well as individual relief funds for civilians who are directly affected by the pandemic. We’ve compiled a list of available relief for individuals and how you can apply. 

The Department of Labour: UIF and National Disaster benefit

This fund is for employers who are registered with UIF and make monthly contributions under the Contributions Act of 2002. It is applicable for employees whose salaries were affected by the National Lockdown.

The benefits an employee may receive from range from R3 500, being the national minimum wage, to a cap of R6 730.56 – the maximum of 38% of the R17 712 salary cap (as provided for in the Unemployment Insurance Act)

Qualifying criteria:

  • Where a company shuts down for a certain period or implements reduced or short time
  • Benefits payable is the difference between what the employer pays, and standard UIF benefits payable should an employee lose employment
  • Fill in the details of the business
  • Fill in UI19 and UI2.7 (completed by employer)
  • Fill in UI 2.1 (application)
  • Get your bank to complete a UI 2.8
  • A letter from the employer confirming reduced work time is due to Covid-19 virus
  • Copy of ID document

Apply here: [email protected] 

Read more about the COVID-19 UIF fund here:

Coronavirus Grant

The government has made R50 billion available for communities and registered companies who are most affected by the pandemic. Ramaphosa announced a six-month Coronavirus grant for those who are desperately affected by the epidemic. The grant includes:

  • An extra R300 in May for child support grant beneficiaries and an additional R500 each month from June to October
  • All other grant beneficiaries receive an extra R250 per month for the next six months
  • Additionally, R350 a month for the next six months will be paid to individuals who are unemployed and do not receive any social grant or UIF payout
  • You can apply for the unemployment relief grant on the official COVID-19 WhatsApp on this number 060 012 3456


SASSA Grant Status Check is available now.



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South African workers are missing out on over a billion rand in Covid-19 relief funds

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