Making money online is something that a lot of people are looking to do in 2022. The problem is that it can be challenging to find legitimate ways to make money from home. This blog post will discuss easy ways to make money online in 2022. These methods are all tried and true, and they can help you generate a passive income stream for yourself!

Affiliate marketing

One easy way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. This is where you promote other people’s products and services on your website or blog, and you earn a commission for every sale that you generate. 

There are various affiliate marketing programs online. 1-grid has one of the highest paying affiliate programs in SA, offering a 15% commission on sales. With a commission that high, your income can be endless. 

Sell goods online

Another easy way to make money online is by creating and selling your own products and services. This could be anything from digital products like ebooks or courses, to physical products like jewelry or art. If you have a skill or passion that you can share with others, then this is a great way to make money!

Offer a service

Offering a service is another easy way to make money online. Through services like Fiverr or Upwork, you can offer your services to businesses and individuals who need them. These platforms are marketplaces which advertise your services to thousands of people. This is a great way to get started in the online world, and it can be very lucrative if you find the right clients! Make money by providing freelance services such as writing, graphic design, web development, and more. 

Take surveys to get paid

Online surveys are a way to earn money from home but don’t count on getting rich quickly. Most survey sites don’t have very high payouts, and many of them are better for getting gift cards than cash. Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are two of the most well-known survey websites.

Earn money from advertising on your blog or YouTube channel

Make money from your cat videos. You might be able to earn money from advertising if your blog entries or YouTube videos have a large following. Businesses pay to advertise next to their content using Google AdSense. Although the service is free, you must adhere to some conditions. By posting on YouTube you can make money in two ways: through video views and through advertising. 

Become an influencer on Instagram

Influencers on Instagram that have large, devoted followings are being used by businesses to promote their goods. You can participate by submitting applications through a marketing platform like Open Influence or AspireIQ, or by getting in touch with the companies you wish to partner with.

Start trading online

You can make thousands by trading online, which is probably the most difficult way to generate money on our list. The risk is too great, so before you begin, get ready and arm yourself with knowledge. You can’t become a world-class trader in a single day, so read as frequently as you can about markets and trading strategies. Before you put real money into your trading account, start with a demo account.

Purchasing Cryptocurrency

According to some, buying bitcoin is the biggest scam currently active. It’s a technique to become wealthy quickly and with little work. But this is not the case at all. Many countries, including South Africa, have started to acknowledge them as valid financial assets.

Become an online English teacher

You can earn a lot of money by offering English classes online. Some websites provide teaching for a regular charge of R450 per hour. You can carry out this in your free time. Additional experience in your Curriculum Vitae is also a big advantage. You must be able to speak English well and possess a tertiary degree. On some websites, high school grads are given an exception. You may be hired to teach online thanks to your command of the English language.

Amazon Mechanical Turk: Make Money

Amazon Mechanical Turk is used by businesses to outsource tasks that are challenging for computer programmes to complete. A few examples of tasks include editing and transcribing audio, translating audio into various languages, writing reviews, and testing web pages.

You can work from anywhere and make up to R400 per hour using Amazon Mechanical Turk. All you need to get started is an internet connection and a computer—be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. On, you can begin the registration process. As Amazon takes up to 3 days to validate your information, you won’t be able to start right away after registering.

Launch a YouTube channel.

Create a YouTube account and monetize it if you can think of any excellent stuff to upload. Your phone is all you need to get started. Start off simple instead of thinking about huge lighting and cameras.

Note you need to hit a certain threshold on YouTube before you can begin to earn money. First, your videos must have received 4000 hours of viewing in a calendar year. Second, you must have acquired 1000 subscribers over the last 12 months. Your content must be likeable in order to accomplish this. 

Get paid for typing

You may want to try transcribing audio if you have quick typing speed, excellent listening skills, and a command of the English language. Transcribing is essentially the process of turning audio files into text. Online transcription work is paid for either per audio hour or per 1000 words transcribed. Depending on your daily output and productivity, you can make money. Whether you want to earn more money or not is entirely up to you. Jobs in transcription are not only specific to English speakers, but also to speakers of other languages.

No-risk match betting

The quickest way to earn a lot of money is from home, without a doubt. The way matched betting works is by using free bets that betting sites give and “matching” them at a betting exchange. As you are placing bets both for and against an event, this eliminates the risk.

The free bet, which can be worth up to R100, can then be squeezed out. If you multiply this by all the betting sites, you might easily make a few hundred rands in profit.

Create your own website

Are you looking to make passive income? Why not get a website? It’s a means of earning money while you’re asleep. An 82-year-old person can launch a website using 1-grid in under 20 minutes for very little money. To obtain your initial visitors, all it takes is a little social media promotion, and there are many ways to monetize your website.

Buy and sell domains

There are many different extensions for a domain name, which is simply a website address (for example, “” or “”) (.com, .net, .co,za etc). They can register with 1-grid for as little as R19 per year. Premium domain names, however, can be purchased for considerably more. Finding accessible domain names with some commercial worth is the trick. Grab them and put them up for sale on a website like after that.

Become a mystery shopper

Today, becoming a mystery shopper is easier than you might think, and the rewards are great. There are numerous organisations that will pay you to go to various stores and eateries and report on how they are doing. Another method of mystery shopping is tasking apps, which pay you for performing quick local jobs. It may also be a tonne of fun!


There are no shortcuts to financial success; it takes dedication and hard effort. All you have to do is focus on the task at hand and accomplish the targeted goals. Using one or a combination of the methods given, you can generate a large level of income.


Do I need a degree to work online?

No, not always. There are many options available online. Even though a formal degree is not needed, it is always a good idea to upskill yourself.

How do I become a 1-grid affiliate?

You can create a free affiliate account on the 1-grid website and earn up to 15% commission! Visit this website to sign up.