If you think your online business could be getting more sales, then you’ve clicked on the right place. Online shopping has seen a massive surge in South Africa due to the reopening of all e-commerce stores at lockdown level 4. The increase in internet usage due to working from home and social distancing presents limitless opportunities to get more customers to your site. From your search engine optimisation to getting your social media right, you have all the tools to bring more eyes to your website. Now we give you some tips that will help customers get to checkout and convert. 

Getting customers through the door is one thing and converting them is another. A customer will click on your Google SERP or social media post (because you’ve done the SEO to get to page 1 on search results and your social media content is compelling), but you need to make sure that that customer gets to checkout. There are a lot of elements to factor into why a customer would not follow through and checkout, even though their original intention was to buy. 

We have five easy tips that you can implement on your website today to increase website sales:

Improve your website design

The design of your website is essential and could make a big difference in the way customers behave on your site. Things like the placement of visual assets, the UX and mobile responsiveness play a significant role in customers checking out. First impressions matter and the design of your website sets the tone. 

Consider getting professional web designing for your e-commerce platform. Our website design packages are among the best and most affordable in South Africa. Plus, you get a team of professional web designers, copywriters and account managers who will bring your vision to life. 

Create a sense of urgency

You can create a sense of urgency in various ways. The first one is a strong call-to-action (CTA) on critical products. Another way to develop a sense of urgency is to have special offers for a limited time only. Add a countdown clock to the specific offer on the page to emphasize that the discount or special will end soon. 

WordPress features a variety of plugins that can help you get a countdown clock on a specific page of your website. Also include the ticking time feature to your marketing emails that you send to customers. 

Include testimonials or customer reviews on your website.

Incorporate reviews and testimonials from other customers to build trust. Showing reviews on your website signifies confidence in the product or service you offer. The reviews can be the right mix of resolved negative reviews as well as favourable. 

Add a live chat feature to your website.

Live chat is essential in providing customer support directly to your customers on-site. Your customers can get assistance on the spot, whereas in emails or phone calls, the turnaround time is longer. Live chat will improve sales because customer queries are handled then and there meaning that the customer doesn’t leave the website, and the questions will most likely be related to completing a purchase. 

Simplify the checkout process

Make sure that there is no friction at checkout. The checkout process should be seamless to avoid cart abandonment. Our Web Builder for e-commerce features supports various safe and secure payment options for your customers. Don’t let a customer go all the way to check out only to find too much friction and then leave. Make the process as easy to understand and as safe as possible. 

We hope these 5easy tips make a bit of a difference in your sales. Let us know how your journey goes.